Self-Portrait: Shadow

shadow self portrair

This a picture I took some time ago, while still living in Florida, at Paynes Prarie. It's a self-portrait of my husband and I. I was shooting the landscape and then I noticed that my  Shadow was in the picture. I couldn't help myself but play with self-portraits.


Graceful Little Ants

During my time in Brazil, I was so busy with spending time with family and friends that I could not manage to go outside and take pictures of my beautiful hometown. So during my last week, I arranged with a friend to hang out and take pictures - which was super fun! We weren't very "inspired" … Continue reading Graceful Little Ants


sunrise brazil

There's something about the Ambience when one wakes up before sunrise that you can't quite explain. The warm light coming from the not yet risen day, the cold air from a long breezy night, or the silence waiting to be broken by the people still in their beds. It's all very indescribable. I decided to wake up … Continue reading Ambience

La Chua Trail – Gainesville, FL

la chua trail gainesville florida

When in Florida, one of the activities that should be done is wildlife viewing. From marine turtles to sharks, manatees and various kinds of bird, you can find them all in there; however, there's one animal that comes to everyone's mind when thinking of wildlife in Florida: Alligators. These magnificent animals, live in freshwater … Continue reading La Chua Trail – Gainesville, FL


orange and black cats

These two are complete Opposites. Wilson, the orange cat, is my husband's from before we got married; and I got Blackie when we started dating. Blackie is very much like myself: she loves attention but at the same time gets a little intimidated when new people are around. She talks a lot and needs to … Continue reading Opposites