Sunday Watch: The A Word

About a year ago I started volunteering with kids with special needs at the church I was going in Sacramento, CA. This experience was an eye opener to a reality that I hadn't been exposed to. So when I saw a quick clip for The A Word I was intrigued. Long story short, I watched … Continue reading Sunday Watch: The A Word


Sunday Watch: This Is Us

NBC released last summer a new TV show that changed my view on watching family dramas. This Is Us is such a moving show that I simply couldn't stop watching. Showing both the past and present of the Pearson's life, it challenges you into thinking how important the little things are in every relationship. The story follows … Continue reading Sunday Watch: This Is Us

Sunday Watch: Welcome to Sweden

Based on his own experience, Greg Pohler created a show about what it was like to move to Sweden with his Swedish girlfriend. As a person who moved to a different country for love, I really appreciated the plot. Bruce Evans (Greg Poehler) a celebrity accountant decides to quit his job and move to Sweden … Continue reading Sunday Watch: Welcome to Sweden


orange and black cats

These two are complete Opposites. Wilson, the orange cat, is my husband's from before we got married; and I got Blackie when we started dating. Blackie is very much like myself: she loves attention but at the same time gets a little intimidated when new people are around. She talks a lot and needs to … Continue reading Opposites


Life gave me a Partner that I did not expect. We've been together for almost four years and it feels like much more than that. For some reason, ever since we met, things just made sense. He's not only my husband but my best friend. He knows exactly what's going on my mind, sometimes even before I've … Continue reading Partner



Numbers are a big part of our everyday life, yet they aren't as evident as they might seem. We count our years of existence, memorize passwords, recite phone numbers, worry about how fast we can drive our cars, line up n crayons to play with; and still, numbers seem to be hidden. I took this photo … Continue reading Numbers

Sunday Watch: Grace and Frankie

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like the people on a show are part of my family. And you feel sad when they are sad, happy when they are happy ,and so forth. You want the characters to have a happy ending because you feel close to them. I feel very close … Continue reading Sunday Watch: Grace and Frankie

Homemade Pizza – How we make it at home

homemade pizza

I'm certainly far from being a professional, but I really cooking and trying out different cuisines to try at home. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I try something new and it works nicely. One of the foods I have now added to my basic repertoire is homemade pizza. This is part 2 of … Continue reading Homemade Pizza – How we make it at home

Homemade Pizza – Why we make pizzas at home

homemade pizza

Ordering pizza or buying frozen from the store can be as practical as it sounds, but is it really worth putting all those added preservatives, extra salt and fat in our bodies? My husband and I have recently decided to start making our own pizzas. This is part one of a two-part post about making … Continue reading Homemade Pizza – Why we make pizzas at home


rebecca aimbire

How can you not feel Jubilant when you've got that smile right next to you? Just thinking about my niece is enough. I miss her so much...   This picture was taken last August on my last trip to Brazil. So she's much bigger now than last time I saw her. Whenever she's at my parents' house, … Continue reading Jubilant