What on Earth is Candid Thoughts and a Bowl of Veggies About?

It’s out! Candid Thoughts and a Bowl of Veggies!

I have been noticing that I haven’t been really inspired to write on Keeping Myself Busy in the last few months. After some time thinking about it, I realized that the reason I wasn’t feeling inspired is that I am not the same person who wanted to just keep busy.
So after some time – and the help of good friends, I came up with a whole new concept for my blog, which also meant a new blog name: Candid Thoughts and a Bowl of Veggies.

In a nut shell, if you enjoy Keeping Myself Busy, you are going to love Candid Thoughts and a Bowl of Veggies. I know… I know… the name is a mouthful, but it’s catchy, right? Keeping Myself Busy will be alive for a while, and I’ll continue to post every now and again, but soon I’ll transition to the new blog.

So check out the first post on Candid Thoughts and Bowl of Veggies!

Candid Thoughts and a Bowl of Veggies

3 1/2 years ago I made a decision that impacted my life immensely: To marry my (at the time) boyfriend. This meant quitting my job and moving to the United States. The problem is that my visa status forced me into early retirement. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the legality and issues concerning that fact that I can’t legally work, trust me! Even though it was a tough decision to make, I don’t regret it. It took me to where I am now – and more importantly, who I am now.

So, for the last three years, I’ve been coping with my retirement – and it’s not easy. In a nut shell, I have to constantly be aware of my emotions and thoughts to make sure that I’m not depressed. Sounds like I’m exaggerating, but not really. I’ve hit a few low moments and struggled…

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