4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes

easy bread recipes

Don't you love the smell of fresh baked bread? I sure do! In my quest of finding things to keep myself busy - and trying to spend less money - I started baking my own bread at home. I learned that I not only having homemade bread at home is much better and cheaper than … Continue reading 4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes


How I Started to Wanderlust


My very first memory as a small infant is on an airplane with my family while we were moving to Europe for my dad's graduate studies. I remember camping with my family in Europe and seeing some sights that most people only dream of seeing. I blame my need for Wanderlust on that experience. Being just … Continue reading How I Started to Wanderlust

Sunday Watch: The OA

Have you ever been in TV limbo? TV limbo is when you've finished all the TV shows you watch and then you have no idea what to watch next? Since our family's favorite activity as a couple is binge watching TV, we end up in TV limbo very often. Last time we were there we … Continue reading Sunday Watch: The OA

Bullet Journal: Goodbye April! Hello May!

bullet journal may set up

Another month has quickly gone by and I'm here again to show you how my bullet journal is running. But first, a short recap of what April was like. Obviously, the main thing in April was our trip to Seattle and Portland - which was super fun! - And I also went to an EDM … Continue reading Bullet Journal: Goodbye April! Hello May!

5 Days in Seattle and Portland

One of the perks of being married to an academic is the fact that every now and again he goes to conferences in some really cool places. Last year we visited Calgary in Canada, and this year we went to Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. We spent three days in Seattle and two in Portland and … Continue reading 5 Days in Seattle and Portland

Point Reyes National Seashore

My husband had some time off in the end of March and we decided that we should explore some of the sights near the coast. We decided on going to Point Reyes National Seashore to explore the famous Point Reyes Lighthouse. Point Reyes National Seashore is a peninsula north of San Francisco. It's a great … Continue reading Point Reyes National Seashore

Sunday Watch: Amazon Pilot Season 2017

amazon pilot season

Amazon Pilot Season is back! I am so excited about it! Last year, the TV shows that I enjoyed were chosen to be produced and I am really looking forward to them. That said, the new pilots look really promising. Here's my take on a few of them. The Legend of Master Legend Have you ever … Continue reading Sunday Watch: Amazon Pilot Season 2017

Bullet Journal: Goodbye March! Hello February!

As March comes to an end, it's good to spend a time and recap and think about the events that happened this month. Overall, I think March was mainly full of good things than bad. Spent great quality time with friends here in Sacramento, and also got to visit a great friend in Reno. We … Continue reading Bullet Journal: Goodbye March! Hello February!

Lake Berryessa Spillway

lake berryessa

It's been a rainy Winter here in Northern California, and you can easily see the effects of all the rain when you look at any of the rivers in the area. Even though we've been living here for less than two years, both my husband and I are impressed with the water levels here in … Continue reading Lake Berryessa Spillway

Sunday Watch: This Is Us

NBC released last summer a new TV show that changed my view on watching family dramas. This Is Us is such a moving show that I simply couldn't stop watching. Showing both the past and present of the Pearson's life, it challenges you into thinking how important the little things are in every relationship. The story follows … Continue reading Sunday Watch: This Is Us