4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes

easy bread recipes

Don't you love the smell of fresh baked bread? I sure do! In my quest of finding things to keep myself busy - and trying to spend less money - I started baking my own bread at home. I learned that I not only having homemade bread at home is much better and cheaper than … Continue reading 4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes


Gluten-Free Apple Crumble

My husband and I hosted a potluck dinner with some friends. We were trying to figure out what to make since half of our group is vegetarian. We came up with these mini broccoli pies  (which turned out great, btw), but I had completely forgotten that one of our friends has a gluten-free diet. I felt so … Continue reading Gluten-Free Apple Crumble

Brazilian Carreteiro

brazilian carreteiro recipe

If you've ever had Brazilian BBQ (we call it churrasco) at a Brazilian family's house, you've probably noticed that there's always a lot of food. And that's the whole point, it's usually a time to spend with family and enjoy the day. While my parents were visiting this last September, we had some friends over for … Continue reading Brazilian Carreteiro

Food and Drink in Calgary

food and drink in calgary

When travelling, eating out is like the two sides of a coin: it can either be a great experience or a huge disaster. Sometimes the food is a bit too exotic, or you ended up spending more than what you were expecting. On the other hand, you can have the most delicious meal you've ever … Continue reading Food and Drink in Calgary

Homemade Pizza – How we make it at home

homemade pizza

I'm certainly far from being a professional, but I really cooking and trying out different cuisines to try at home. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I try something new and it works nicely. One of the foods I have now added to my basic repertoire is homemade pizza. This is part 2 of … Continue reading Homemade Pizza – How we make it at home

Homemade Pizza – Why we make pizzas at home

homemade pizza

Ordering pizza or buying frozen from the store can be as practical as it sounds, but is it really worth putting all those added preservatives, extra salt and fat in our bodies? My husband and I have recently decided to start making our own pizzas. This is part one of a two-part post about making … Continue reading Homemade Pizza – Why we make pizzas at home

Matcha Cookies

matcha cookies

I'm definitely not a cooking blogger. I enjoy cooking and I think I'm a pretty good cook, or at least my husband says I am, but I wouldn't dare to join the world of cooking blogs. Having said that, cooking is something that keeps me quite busy, and this week I caught myself making tons … Continue reading Matcha Cookies


A few months ago, my husband and I realized the making the pizza at home was cheaper and healthier than ordering it. So we started experimenting with different doughs and toppings. Once a week, Dinnertime at our home looks like this. I'll probably write a post about the details of making pizza at home soon, but … Continue reading Dinnertime

Hamburgers on a Sunday

homemade asian burgers

Food is a huge part of the Brazillian culture, as it probably is in many different countries. Usually, we have a Brazillian style barbecue on a Sunday after church - which is usually made by my brother - full of meat, family and no electronic devices. Since finding Brazillian cuts of meat can get tricky, … Continue reading Hamburgers on a Sunday