Sunday Watch: The A Word

About a year ago I started volunteering with kids with special needs at the church I was going in Sacramento, CA. This experience was an eye opener to a reality that I hadn’t been exposed to. So when I saw a quick clip for The A Word I was intrigued. Long story short, I watched the entire first season in one afternoon. Here’s why:


At first glance, the Hughes Family looks like any ordinary family out there. Paul (Lee Ingleby) and Alison (Morven Christie) have two children, Rebecca (Molly Wright) and Joe (Max Vento). They live and run the family’s brewery in the countryside of England. They notice that Joe has communication problems and tends to isolate himself and listen to pop music, which he brilliantly memorizes all the lyrics, but it’s not until Alison’s brother  Eddie (Greg McHugh) and his wife Nicola (Vinette Robinson), who are having problems of their own, move to the house next door and start mentioning that Joe shows signs of a child on the autism spectrum. Despite Paul and Alison’s different opinions, Joe is taken to a specialist and the family dynamics changes completely.

The A Word is not only about autism. It covers a lot more about family dynamics that I had initially predicted. From adolescence issues to adultery, to aging and acceptance, it’s a show that clearly surprised me when I realized that its content was much more than exposing people to what a family with a child on the spectrum goes through. Even though I haven’t experienced any of the scenarios portrayed in the show, I believed in the dialogs and could relate to how they were feeling and picture myself in the situations each character is living. I couldn’t stop watching! Not to mention that the photography of the show itself is stunning.

When I saw The A Word, my husband was out of town and I had was in need of company. The Hughes family kept me company that day I felt part of their family while watching the show. I strongly recommend this one!


  • Where to watch: Amazon
  • How long are the episodes: 60′
  • IMDB rating: 7.6/10
  • My rating: 9/10


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