Three Weeks in Orange County

Three Weeks in Orange County

It’s been about three weeks since my husband and I moved to Orange County and I’m already loving it. We moved to a decent-size townhome on UC Irvine’s campus – my husband is starting classes at the end of September. It’s been a short time here, but a lot has happened.

The move from NorCal to SoCal was as predicted. We had all our stuff packed in a U-Haul truck and in the back of our car – we quickly learned that we own much more stuff than what we had in mind. The truck was packed up to the very top, and our car barely fit Blackie and I. All that said, we packed our things, said our goodbyes to some amazing friends and headed to Irvine. The drive was a lot longer than what we had anticipated. We were extremely tired from lack of sleep and getting stuck in traffic the last stretch of our drive was horrible. By the grace of God, we did not get involved with any accidents. It was crazy! I counted 4 times that I messed up and barely got the car hit, and every time I looked back at Fabio – who was driving the truck – it seemed that he was going to kill some one (he is one of the calmest people ever!). Once we arrived at our new place we were relieved

Once we arrived at our new place we were relieved… And then we saw that our townhome is on the second floor of the building, and we had to take our enormous amount of furniture up 2 flights of stairs!!! Still, God is good, and we already have friends here, who came to our rescue and helped us bring our heavy furniture up the stairs. My tracker counted 124 flight of stairs that day! Phew!!!

Our first week here we slowly got our furniture laid out and placed. Most of our furniture is from IKEA, so that meant that we had unassembled them to put in the truck and assembled them again here in Irvine. The following week, I slowly started to unpack my clothes (which is still in progress – can you say, procrastinator?). We have also been exploring different beaches in the OC and trying to figure out what life is going to be like once Fabio’s classes begin. So far things look promising.

We still have loads to learn about the area and tons of places to explore, but we can tell that things will be great here. Living on campus means no huge commute for Fabio. It also means that we are closer, so no more long days of me all alone at home bored to death. I’m still not sure of what will happen to my life while we are here, but I’m excited to wait and see what it’ll be like.

What about you? What sort of changes have been happening in your life?


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6 thoughts on “Three Weeks in Orange County

  1. Hi Camila! It’s been a while since I’ve been on the blogsphere. I was happy to see a post from you on the top of my feed. How awesome with the move, congrats ❤ I wish you great adventures around your new home. xx

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    1. Yeah… Much nicer actually! I’m happy that it’s a bit more humid than in Sac, but not too humid that you can’t let your hair down. 🙂

      But the move was ok. Bringing the furniture inside was not. My shins are still sore, to be honest. But… they’ll make it! 🙂


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