Bullet Journal: Goodbye May! Hello June!


Another month has gone by and I’m here setting up my mood – and my bullet journal – for June. May was not a fun month. There was a lot of craziness and unexpected things that happened that did not make it easy. So as a new month starts, I’m excited to turn the page and hope for better things in June. Isn’t it interesting how these calendar changes somehow help move on from bad habits or even help change our (by that I mean my) attitude? Ok… I should leave the philosophical thoughts to my husband. Let’s get to practical stuff regarding my bujo and a quick announcement!

Goodbye May!

Since May was such a crazy month, my bujo wasn’t very much used. Both my budget and my tracker were almost as if they had no use. Sad to admit, but true. That said, I kept the habit of setting up my weekly schedule, so I didn’t miss any appointments or anything – not that I have many anyway… I am happy to report that the cleaning schedule that I added in May was a huge success. My house is more organized than before.

Hello June!

I feel that my change in attitude needs some additional encouragement. So I decided to change completely all my layouts. I’ve been seeing a lot of the original Bullet Journal monthly layouts on Instagram lately, and I decided to give it another try. My bujo isn’t ruled, so that makes it a little tricky for this type of layout, so I thought about using two pages so I’d have more space in my monthly spread. I’m hoping it won’t get messy and confusing by the end of the month.

R month

I also changed my weekly layout to add personal notes about whatever I need – at least it’ll give me space to write in Bible verses which motivate me and help me keep my mental health in check. This also meant that in order to have more space I needed to separate my weekly in more pages. So far I think it looks ok. Let’s see how it’ll workout in the weeks to come. To add that extra space for my notes I had to move my weekly spending tracker. I think it’ll work ok with my monthly budget.

Speaking of changes… Here’s the announcement! My husband and I are moving to Southern California. He is starting a new Ph.D. program at UC Irvine so we’re be moving in August. We are both really excited about the move and we can’t wait to explore a whole new part of California. I added a new collection to my bujo to help keep track of what I need dome before the move. I’ve got two months to get everything ready, so I think I’ll be fine.

Life gets busy and unpredictable sometimes. The flexibility of a Bullet Journal makes it easier to adapt to the changes in life. I look forward to how these changes will work at the end of the month.

Are you expecting any changes in June?
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