4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes

easy bread recipes

Don’t you love the smell of fresh baked bread? I sure do! In my quest of finding things to keep myself busy – and trying to spend less money – I started baking my own bread at home. I learned that I not only having homemade bread at home is much better and cheaper than store bought, I also really enjoy the whole process of making my own bread. I’ve been trying to find good recipes for homemade bread and I’ve come down with these 4 recipes of very different styles of bread, but super easy to make yourself, independent of your level of breadmaking proficiency. If you already make homemade bread at home, they are great to give it a try and perhaps add it to your repertoire. And if you’ve never made bread at home, these recipes are really simple to follow. You’ll see that making bread at home is much easier than what it seems.

It’s Always Autumn’s Soft and Chewy French Bread

R05 french bread

If you like a bread that’s soft on the inside and chewy on the outside, this is the bread for you. This French Bread doubles in size once it’s in the oven making it a really good bread for sandwiches, which is something we eat a lot here at our home. This recipe is a great one to start if you’ve never made bread at home. Everything is very well detailed and a lot of step-by-step pictures to follow and see if your bread is on the right track. The recipe makes up to four loaves, but last time I baked it, I used the fourth part to make pizza because there’s just too much bread for the two of us at home. If you, like myself, don’t need that much bread at once, you can always freeze the extra loaves, and thaw them overnight.

The Creative Life in Between’s 5-Minute Homemade Artisan Bread


This is the bread for the busy person inside all of us. With this bread you only mix the ingredients, shape it, and throw the dough in the oven. I’ve been following Jodi’s blog for a while and in my search for homemade bread, she recommended this one. I have to admit that initially, I was a bit skeptical about a 5-minute bread. Bread takes time and kneading, which is part of the fun, but sometimes you want the bread without the hard work. This bread is perfect for that! The recipe yields four loaves, but you don’t need to make them all at once. You take out a chunk of it as you need it, and the rest you leave it in the fridge. I’ve made this bread with both all-purpose flour and bread flour and it works beautifully! The longer the bread rests, the softer and more delicious it gets. This is another great bread for the first-time bread maker since there

Paul Hollywood’s English Muffin

R03 muffin

Both my husband and I really enjoy English Muffins and I had no idea they were super simple to make at home. I had tried a couple of recipes before and I they were ok, but still not yet perfect, and that’s when it hit me: “They are English muffins, Paul Hollywood must have a recipe.” Super enough, his recipe for homemade English Muffins is on the BBC’s website. If you are used to baking with American measurements or if you don’t have a scale, like me, it can get a little tricky since the ingredients are all in grams and liters. Trust me, though, it is worth the small hassle of figuring out how much of each ingredient you need to make the airy soft muffins. These are probably my husband’s favorite type of bread for breakfast.

Red Star Yeast’s 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread

R09 butter.jpg

Out of all the recipes I’ve shared here, this is the trickiest. The only reason why I say that is a number of ingredients used. In bread making, flour, yeast, salt, and water are enough. For this recipe you add butter and milk to mix; consequently, you have to add a few more steps before putting the dough in the oven. Still, there’s nothing tricky about it, and the result you get is surely worth the extra steps, trust me! You get more flavor from the butter that’s added to the bread and a lot more fluff from the milk. And again, despite a couple of extra steps, it’s not going to add to make it any harder to make.

I make bread at home at least once a week, and I’ve also found that homemade bread makes for a unique gift to give to friends and family. Despite it being a long process since you have to wait for the bread to grow, but still, it doesn’t take up much time. So if you have a few hours at home, you can mix the ingredients, do something else, and then come back to it. As long as the time that the bread is in the oven is right, you can’t mess it up. Personally, breadmaking is quite rewarding. There’s a sense of pride and ownership from your eating your own bread that you don’t get with baking cakes. And with that, I leave you to making fresh bread.

Have you ever made bread at home? What was the experience like for you?

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easy bread recipes







6 thoughts on “4 Easy to Make Bread Recipes

  1. I love baking my own bread 😀 I usually add cranberries and mysli to the dough. Have you ever tried to make soft dinner rolls? Omg those are so good!!! Thanks for the recipes, I’ll be sure to give them a try 👌

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