Bullet Journal: Goodbye April! Hello May!

bullet journal may set up

Another month has quickly gone by and I’m here again to show you how my bullet journal is running. But first, a short recap of what April was like. Obviously, the main thing in April was our trip to Seattle and Portland – which was super fun! – And I also went to an EDM concert – I hadn’t gone to one since getting married. Other than that, our weeks have been busy – my husband arranged a few dinner parties for us; I met up regularly with friends; I was more consistent with keeping the house organized; I baked bread at least once a week. Yeah… That’s pretty much it. I feel like my life is super busy at the moment and I have been slacking on things like editing pictures and posting on the blog. Luckily, my bujo helps me keep track of my appointments, so even with my head all busy, I didn’t forget any of the really important things. Shall we move to business?

Goodbye April!

My new weekly layout was successful. Having both the shopping list and spending together with my tasks and appointments worked well. I’m still not consistent with keeping up with our spending, but I’m at least looking at it weekly, which to me is a win in itself. Hopefully, by keeping it as a regular feature on my weekly spread I become more vigilant with our family’s spending. Another thing that I added to my bujo was a waist tracker to my weekly weight tracker that I started at the beginning of the year. I figured I needed something else to help me lose a few kilos. Hopefully, I’ll reach my goal by the end of July.

For our trip to Seattle and Portland, I had two separate collections: one with the addresses of our Airbnb and hotel where the philosophy conference was being held, flight information and other important stuff; and another with a list of all the things I wanted to see/do while I was there, which substituted my shopping list that week. When I travel, I like having a list of things to do and cross them out as I do them rather than an itinerary of the things I’ll do each day. Whatever works, right?

Lastly, the new blog post tracker is working just fine. It took away the frustration of not being able to blog as regularly as I want, without making me lose track of the things that I want to write about.

Hello May!

May is about being consistent with these new additions. So my main goal is to keep tracking my spending and hopefully keeping myself more and more organized. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I have been able to keep my house better organized, so I decided to put my bullet journal to use to help me keep it up. So I added to my monthly calendar the main chores I need to be done and what days to do them. I am being very realistic in regards to that so I won’t sabotage myself. I also decided not do colors thins month. I’m feeling minimalistic I guess.

I have to admit one thing, I’m enjoying these recaps of my months with my bullet journal. It helps look back and appreciate the good things that have been happening in my life, as well as look forward to what needs changing. Hopefully, you are enjoying it too. Thanks for stopping by!

What was April like for you?

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bullet journal may set up



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