Point Reyes National Seashore

point reyes national sheashore

My husband had some time off in the end of March and we decided that we should explore some of the sights near the coast. We decided on going to Point Reyes National Seashore to explore the famous Point Reyes Lighthouse.

Point Reyes National Seashore is a peninsula north of San Francisco. It’s a great place for outdoor activities of all kinds including hiking, camping, as well as wildlife viewing. We saw some deer on our drive there and near the light house. Particularly during the Spring, you’ll see an immense variety of wildflowers. The array of different colors is simply stunning.


Wild Flowers

It was a three-hour drive from Sacramento to Point Reyes, and it was not an easy drive. We were stuck in traffic for at least one hour. That said, once we got there, it was so worth the drive. Once you get to the peninsula, you’ll notice a distinct smell of cattle, that is because of the many historic ranches there. Really fun to see the cows, just hanging out there. These ranches have a huge historical importance dating back to the 1850s.

We went straight to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It provided Security to the ships traveling north from San Francisco for 108 years. I was very excited to go there because I had seen some fantastic photographs of it online. I was really looking forward to taking pictures of it and checking out the views, but sadly when we got there, there were signs saying the lighthouse it was closed. It was a bit disappointing, I have to admit, but still very beautiful – and incredibly windy, I must add.

Point Reyes Lighthouse

There are other sights to see in Point Reyes, and after going to the lighthouse we headed to Chimney Rock, where you can see the historic Chimney Rock Lifeboat Station. After viewing Elephant Seals in San Simeon, along the Pacific Coast Highway, I got super excited to know that Chimney Rock is also a great place see them, as well as many other types of seals. Sadly, we had just missed their breeding season so we didn’t see any pups,  but there were some huge seals there. At Chimney Rock, you can also do a short hike, where we got to see more seals that to us seemed to be playing in the water. Along the hike, you will find the most amazing views. It’s a great place you experience the beauty of California’s Coast.

Seals #3

Seals #2

Rocks Along the Coast

We explored few more of the beaches at the peninsula and we continued to be in awe of the beauty around us. These beaches are probably a great spot for spending a day at the beach since they were protected from the high winds that blow around the peninsula.

On our way back home, we decided to have a short break in a small town along the way called Point Reyes Station. My husband was in need of cake, and luckily there was a small bakery called Bovine Bakery that was everything we needed. You could order your goods to take home, but we decided to eat there. I have to say that it was quite hard to choose from their display because everything looked so delicious. That said, once my husband point out that they had hot cross buns, my decision was made. The city is quite quaint and a fun stop before heading back home.


Even though we spent more time in traffic than at the peninsula, we had such a great time in Point Reyes. The stunning views and being close to the ocean were everything we were expecting. I’m happy we did that. If you want to see more pictures of Point Reyes, check my Flickr Page.

Have you ever been to Point Reyes National Seashore?

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