Bullet Journal: Goodbye March! Hello February!

bullet journal set up

As March comes to an end, it’s good to spend a time and recap and think about the events that happened this month. Overall, I think March was mainly full of good things than bad. Spent great quality time with friends here in Sacramento, and also got to visit a great friend in Reno. We found solutions to housing issues, regarding our move in the summer – yes, new adventures await. My husband got two articles published in major philosophy journals. There were some unexpected expenses, but we managed to deal with them in a positive way – which is not my usual way of dealing with things. But let’s jump into the reason for this post: My Bullet Journal.

Goodbye March

Initially, in March I had set to keep my regular layout and add collections as needed, but I was looking at the way Rachel, from Sitting in the Clouds, was doing her monthly spreads and adding spending and budgeting to her bujo, it encouraged me to try once more to add expenses control to my bujo. So in March I mainly experimented with ways that I could incorporate it to my weekly spreads. I came to a final layout which is what I’ll be using in April.

I had no need for major collections, but I did add a couple of Photography Check-Lists that I had in my last bullet journal. They are a good way to find inspiration when I’m uninspired to shoot pictures. I also continued to add recipes to my Recipe Index, it’s extra helpful when meal planning. The one spread that is still in progress is my Blog Spread. I haven’t been having the time to blog as consistently as I’d like to, so having a monthly schedule, as I had planned for March, didn’t work. It’s a try and error process.

Hello April

I’m excited about the April spreads because after experimenting in March, I’ve got a lot of new things going on this month. As I mentioned before, I have a whole new Budget Spread that I’m incorporating to both my monthly and my weekly spreads. The first is an overall monthly budget for me to keep track of recurring expenses. The second is my weekly grocery and other expenses. The goal is to control our home budget and not overspend. I’m also tracking our savings account on a weekly basis. These were added to my weekly spread, which made me have to alter how it looks by removing the dutch-door system to my weekly. It will take some adjusting because my weekly spreads take up two pages now, but we’ll see how that will work out by the end of the month.

I’ve again, changed my Blog Spread. This time, I am not allocating dates to when I’ll post things, I’m just listing ideas for posts and how I am following up on writing them. I’ve added a Sacramento Bucket List collection since we’ll be moving in the summer. I’m still working on my faux calligraphy for the headings and one color a month theme – this month is blue.

I’m looking forward to April starting, there’s a lot of new stuff going in my bujo that I really hope will work. And in the real life, my husband and I have got a lot planned, including a trip to Seattle and Portland, which I am really excited about.

Do you have big plans for April?

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