Bullet Journal: Goodbye February! Hello March!

bullet journal set up

I can’t believe February is already at its end! Well… it happens when you have a few days less than the other months. Here in NorCal, February was a slow and rainy month. Leaving the house has been awful because of the cold and wet weather – I really can’t wait for the warmer months to come back. Still, we got to do some fun things outdoors, like picnics and visiting coffee houses here in Sac. Overall, I can’t complain. My husband and I are expecting some geographical changes, so we are trying to make the most out of our time here. But enough of that, let’s check my bujo and how it worked this month and what I’m expecting for March.

Goodbye February

February was a cold and slow month for my bujo as well. I haven’t had many side projects going on that needed me to create many collections. That said, the one I had created in the beginning of the month for my blog worked and was often used; it served its purpose to keep track of which posts I’m writing and what tags I’m using. I am changing the layout for March, though.

When it comes to my weekly layout, I have no intentions of changing it. For my lifestyle, there is still no need for me to add more detailed daily layouts. Not to mention that I’m still loving the dutch-door system – the folded page in the center. It keeps everything clean and simple, giving me more space to add my weekly shopping list, which is crucial to my weekly planning. As I’ve mentioned of February’s set up post, I’m using the insides of the dutch doors to create space for my collections, but again, I haven’t had the need to add new ones so I’m using the inside to doodle and sketch, which is a new skill I’m trying to learn.

Hello March

In March, I think the biggest change that I will make is my blog tracker collection. I tried color coding to see what were the topics I was writing more often about, and it just didn’t quite work. This time, I’ve made a table for the four main categories I write (travel, food, tv shows, and projects) so I can track them better. It’s almost like a calendar for the posts so I can see better when I need more posts.

Speaking of collections, my previous bujo had a small recipe index, which I am adding back to my new bujo. Since I plan my meals weekly, it’s good to have a small index of recipes that I often cook at home to make it easier to decided what and when to cook based on what I have in my pantry.

The whole point of a bullet journal is to help keep yourself organized, and if possibly, all in one place. I still carry around a small notebook for general notes I make, but the things I really need to keep track of are always in my bullet journal.

What things do you need to regularly keep track of?

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7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: Goodbye February! Hello March!

    1. Keep it as simple as possible. People get excited with the flexibility and the amount of things you can add to it, but from my experience the more things you add the more time it takes to keep it up to date. I used to have a bunch of different collections that I would never keep up with. Today I only add things that I really need, and it’s a lot less pressure on myself than when I had all sorts of trackers that I wouldn’t use.

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