Sunday Watch: The Walking Dead

I’ve been meaning to write a post on The Walking Dead for a while now, and no matter what I write it never seems to be good enough. Today, I decided to just rip the metaphorical Band-Aid and get it done with it. Here are the reasons why I love to watch AMC’s The Walking Dead.


Let me start by saying that at first, I didn’t want to watch the show at all! Who wants to see a show about zombies? My husband sort of forced me to watch the show, and I, very reluctantly, watched the first episode of season five with him. I was so captured by everything that was going on, that I watched 6-straight-hours of the show on our six-month-anniversary. Since then, TWD had become, by far, my favorite show of all times.

TWD is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of show. People have really strong opinions about it and they are not afraid to express them. What I’ve heard from people that don’t watch the show is usually related to how gruesome the show is, or that they aren’t into zombie shows. But let me be clear, even though the show starts with a zombie apocalypse scenario, the dead are just background noise in the show. Yes… you see some disgusting and violent scenes, but trust me, the dead are the least of your problems. All that said, let me share with you why I can’t live without TWD.


  1. It’s a show about the living. TWD is not about finding a cure, or how to kill the dead – people give up on that idea very early in the story. The show is about what people are willing to do to survive. From the very optimist to the very evil, people’s true nature come forward and not necessarily the good guys in the show are good people or only do good things. And if you stop to think, people aren’t good anyways; we just have rules and customs that keep us in line. Moreover, these people are constantly searching for reasons to live. With all the death going on, they hold on very strongly to whatever thought os people that keep them alive.
  2. The character’s growth. That first episode I watched had this important event going on, where Carol (Melissa McBride), who was exiled, risks her life to save the group. Who does that?! She is by far my favorite character. She is very strong and ready to do what it takes to keep those around her safe. If you think about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the main character, he is a natural-born leader that struggles between keeping his family safe and assuming the role he is called for. And I’m not even going into details about Glenn (Steven Yeun), who goes from a kid to the backbone of the group, or Daryl (Norman Reedus) the loner who is now all about bringing people together. I could go on and on here, the point is they are constantly adapting themselves to the reality ahead of them.
  3. It’s extremely unpredictable. The show is based on a very successful comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Even though the show is parallel to the comics, you should always expect the unexpectable. In the first couple of seasons, the show followed the same timeline, but with completely different results to the same events. This current season is really close to the events that happened in the comics. But you never know when the tv version will be close or completely different from the comics. It feels like the producers of the show like messing with our heads like that. The point is that people you care about will eventually die. What’s good about that is that someone new will show up and they will become as dear you. And that’s part of why I like the show, you never know what to expect and it keeps you on the edge of the seat the whole time. Also, you never get tired of it, because the writers always seem to have something up their sleeves when things get very tense. And trust me, they will.
  4. The narrative is not what you would usually expect from a show. By this, I’m talking about the pace of the show. You’ll have episodes where a lot will happen, or you’ll be shocked by something completely out of the blue to happen,  and the next show, will be slow and poetic with people reflecting upon their lives. A series of eventful and action filled episodes to a series of optimistically slow and character based shows. Added to that, there will be episodes where you won’t see the some of the main characters because they just won’t be relevant to that storyline. Again, it’s about the people in the story, so there’s no need to add things that will be unnecessary just because. It’s not because there are people and zombies trying to kill everyone that it is a high-energy show. I’ve heard people say that this is one of the reasons why they don’t like the show; but personally, it’s what makes it stand out from everything else you see today.
  5. The show is thought-provoking. Despite joking about it, I don’t really think a zombie apocalypse is in God’s plan. That said, I relate myself to the show so much that I end up questioning my own moral choices. Killing is wrong, but would I have killed that person if they were plotting against me? Is it possible that I find myself stealing because I’m starving? Would the evil within me ever come out if faced with certain choices? The group is faced with so many challenges in order to survive in the world they live in that they are also questioning their own choices. I guess that being married to a philosopher makes me think of these thought experiments and moral implications of my actions in a different possible world.

the walking dead tw show

One of my greatest friends and I were talking the other day about how we get addicted to a show or another, and we are constantly changing shows depending on the life stage were at, for example: while I was a young adult living on my own in a big city I would watch non-stop How I Met Your Mother. Currently, the show that I cannot live without is TWD, I wonder what that says about me?

  • Where to watch: AMC or rent on Amazon; previous seasons on Netflix
  • How long are the episodes: 40-60′
  • IMDB rating: 8.6/10
  • My rating: 10/10

Do you love TWD or hate it?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Watch: The Walking Dead

  1. I ADORE TWD and can’t wait for it to resume tomorrow night here in the UK. I have watched it right from the very start, and do a recap all over again once it goes off at the end of the season. I’m SO glad you enjoy it too, because I haven’t found anyone to chat to about it. One time way back I had official people in the house for some form signing and TWD was on, but the sound was down. All conversation awkwardly stopped for a minute or two as Glenn & Maggie were in the shower together. I was horrified and quickly flicked off the TV saying “Its a zombie show, honestly, nothing like *that*, I promise!” Mortified. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha! Thank you sonic for sharing that! I know which scene you are talking about. Oh man! Definitely nothing like that.
      I’m dying for it to come back! So looking forward to the war! I also don’t have many people to chat about. We’re sharing our impressions of the new episode for sure!


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