Bullet Journal: Goodbye January

bullet journal set up

Bullet journaling has become a healthy habit of mine. With my non-existent routine, the flexibility of a bujo (short for Bullet Journal) really makes it easier for me to keep my schedule organized and find the time gaps that need to be filled by something. Last year I experimented a lot with layouts and different collections, so by the time 2017 started, I was well set with a certain setup, and I’m here to share it with you.

Let’s start with the notebook. For 2017 I decided to make myself a new one. What do I mean my that? I’m crazy enough to book bind my own notebooks.This time around I did some changes from my first attempt. I used a basic file folder to make the cover a bit firmer -just enough to hold itself better in my handbags. I still used Trader Joe’s paper bags as a cover, but this time I decided on using the inside of the bag. I have this crazy idea that by the end of the year I might draw something on it. Let’s see about that… Next, something that was missing was a place to put important stuff, like notes or receipts; so I made pockets on the front and back covers. It was super simple to make since I had used the file folder in the first place. Also, I used a lot less paper. I even repurposed some of the pages from the first one that wouldn’t be used. I’m very pleased with the result.

As I’ve explained in a previous post, there are some basic things that every bullet journal needs: an index, a future log, a monthly log and a daily log. I have included all of them, obviously, except for the daily log – have no need for it since my days are never busy enough that I would even need half a page to write down all I need.  I’ve decided sometime last year, to use a weekly log instead. I played around with a few layouts and the one I’m using right now is perfect for my current needs.

My weekly is really simple actually. It’s proof that a bujo doesn’t need to be super fancy and crafty. On it, you will see that I add my weekly meal plan. I used to do it on a completely different page until I realized that it wasn’t working for me. I’d rather have smaller notes on what I plan on eating for the week and be easy for me to access it than have the detailed long list that would get lost in the middle of things. Another thing that you’ll always see in my weekly is the weather forecast. It started as a way of making my weekly a bit more interesting, but it’s become quite helpful now. Especially with all the rain going on here in Northern California, by knowing which day won’t rain I sort of force myself to leave the house on the days that I know won’t rain- even if it’s just for a walk outside.

Now, you probably noticed that folded page in the middle is called a dutch door. Its purpose is to create more space in your bujo. There are many ways of using it, but I use is to create more space for my weekly needs. Since I regularly plan my meals, I need to have a shopping list; and that’s where the dutch door system came in handy for me. The inside of the folded page is where I usually keep my collections. So when one looks into my bujo it might seem like a DIY planner, but it’s just a good use of space.

bullet journal dutch door

When it comes to collections, I’ve tried a bunch of them, a there were a few that worked really well in my 2016 bujo, but I have no need for them in them in my 2017 bujo. So far, the only one that I need is this simple graph to help me track my weight. I noticed that I’m cheating on my weight tracking apps, so I’m trying this out. Let’s see how it’ll work in the next couple of months, so far it’s been helpful. But I’ll get into details of collections some other time.

I’m done with January, and I’m really looking forward into February (which I will post just next). See you then!

Hit me with your Bullet Journal questions!

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