Graceful Little Ants

During my time in Brazil, I was so busy with spending time with family and friends that I could not manage to go outside and take pictures of my beautiful hometown. So during my last week, I arranged with a friend to hang out and take pictures – which was super fun! We weren’t very “inspired” by anything in particular, so we decided on trying to take Macro pictures – which is one of my favorite types of photography.

Long story short, I was caught by these Graceful Little Ants walking up and down the leaves and branches. They always seem to be busy and have a place to go.

Graceful Little Ants

Gracieuse Petite Fourmi

Now, here’s a little bonus for you guys – and if my friend sees this, she’ll probably hate me for doing this. That same day we decided on taking pictures of each other for our social media profiles. I am awful with this sort of things, so I know I gave her a hard time taking my pictures, but she is so graceful and beautiful that any simple movement she made felt like a perfect picture.


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