Visiting Los Angeles

visiting los angeles

As a foreigner living in California, visiting Los Angeles is on everyone’s list of things to do; and I only realized that as my parents were planning on visiting us. I had a huge discussion with my younger brother on why visiting LA more important to visit than Yosemite National Park, which was my initial choice on where to take my parents. In the end, I came to the conclusion that LA is one of the many places we often see on TV and movies and people want to see what it’s like with their own eyes. I had already been there with my mom the previous year and was terribly disappointed with how far things are and how much traffic there is in the city. Still, it was my dad’s first time on the West Coast and we had to go there again. Despite all that, I was ready to visit Los Angeles with fresh eyes.

la cityscape

Since I had gone to LA once, I was more familiar with the distances and where the important things are; this, in my opinion, was an advantage since we only had two days to visit the city. Our short trip, though, limited our choices, so we only visited the places on our must-see lists. My dad’s list was very similar to mine, with the exception that he was told to visit Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. My mom really wanted to spend more time at the Getty Museum, which was also on my list. The only thing I really wanted to do was take my husband to see the telescope at the Griffith Observatory and try to take some pictures there. Oh! And eat in Koreatown. I was prepared for terrible So-Cal traffic, so I was very conservative when planning our schedule (Yes, I’m one of those travelers). Once I knew the route, I added some places in between that I thought would be worth visiting. In the course of two days our trip looked something like this:

  1. Beverly Hills: Expensive stores with a very special twist: statues from one of my favorite artist, Salvador Dalí.
  2. Hollywood Boulevard: If you’re into treasure hunting, it might be fun to search for stars.
  3. Hollywood Sign: It’s there. Probably more exciting if you do the hike up to the top, which, sadly, we didn’t.
  4. Downtown LA: Where the cool museums and architecture are.
  5. Griffith Observatory: Best view ever! Of the city…. The stars… ♥♥♥
  6. Dinner in Koreatown: Yummy!
  7. Santa Monica Pier: Full of people and things to observe.
  8. Getty Museum: Not only the art is impressive, but the architecture is amazing!

I will blog more about these places in future posts and add the links as I go. But for now, I guess this is enough.

hollywood sign

To be honest, I don’t think our time was well managed.  Event though the enormous amount of traffic my mom and I had experienced the previous year wasn’t nearly as bad as this time, looking back I think we should have parked the car somewhere more central and taken public transport to places like the Santa Monica Pier and Downtown LA. Parking there is neither cheap nor easy. Also, we later found out that there are some free museums in LA that we should have added to our trip. Having less than 48 hours makes it hard to really enjoy all any city has to offer.


All in all, I am a big city person, but I don’t think LA is my favorite place to visit. Everything looks that it was made to service or entertain the millions of tourists that visit the city every year, which is understandable, we were not the only ones that had to go to LA. On the other hand, my younger brother loves it! He says that he could go there many many times. And I guess that my dad enjoyed it because he crossed all the items on his list. My mom was still sad that she didn’t get to see all at the art at Getty – but that would take anyone multiple visits.

Have you ever gone to LA?

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