Paint Nite: A great way to be more artistic.

paint nite sacramento

Walking around Midtown Sacramento is definitely one of my favorite things to do here – especially with a cup of coffee and great company. During those walks, I have many times seen people taking painting classes while everyone is painting and also drinking wine or eating food. I was always curious about how those classes, but never looked much into it. The other day, my favorite Ukrainian invited me to join her on one of those paint and drink events, and boy! What an experience!

There are many different organizations that offer these types of classes, but the one we went to is called Paint Nite. The main idea behind it is to connect people together for a fun and creative experience as well as support local artists and business. Each event hosts a different painting in a different location. Our final painting was this beautiful dark blue silhouette of a turtle. Our host was Carrie, who encouraged us to be ourselves, despite it being one painting. I really loved her approach to guiding us paint the painting. Everything was ready for us at the place we painted our turtles. Easels, paints, brushes, water, and even a fun green apron to help keep our clothes paint free. Super simple.

When it came to the venue where we had our Paint Nite® at this pizza place in Midtown called Pizzeria Urbano. Since we got there an hour early, we grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and caught up with what was new. But just from walking inside I knew that I would definitely go back there. They sell both pizzas by the slice and whole pizzas. But what I liked the most about Pizzeria Urbano was that they don’t have the traditional pizza flavors you find everywhere.

Overall, I loved it! I must be clear that I have very little experience with artistic things in general and in the end, I was able to bring a painting back home that I could actually hang! Fun right?! Both my friend and I were really pleased with the whole experience. I strongly recommend it!

Have you ever attended a paint and wine sort of event?

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