What’s been Keeping me Busy

The last couple of months have been a bit off and I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I would like. Having said that, the reason that I haven’t posted is because I have been busier, which in my case, is always a good thing. I’d love to share with you some of the things that have kept me busy these last couple of months.

  1. Global Leadership Summit: GLS is an event hosted by the Willow Creek Association in Chicago and telecasted live to over 600 sites around the world. It started as a Christian leadership convention that expanded to what it is today: a two-day break from your routine so you can assess your leadership practices and learn new ways to become a better leader. Although it has Christian principles behind it, GLS is not exclusively for church people. Among the speakers this year, I was mindblown by the interview with Melinda Gates and her work with helping people in need around the world; Chris McChesney and The 4 Disciplines of Execution; and John C. Maxwell challenging us to live intentionally. It is hard to summarize in few words how much it changed my perspective on my role in my everyday life.
  2. Volunteering at church: Besides my regular Sunday work with the Kindergarten and 1st graders at church, I started helping with the special needs kids on Sundays. This was surprisingly natural to me. I am really enjoying being able to care for them. Also, I’ve been helping out with our church‘s congregational care during the week. The work that is done there is very similar to social services with the addition that we are also interested in people’s spiritual health. My work is more in the admin. of the office. My “boss” says that I’m her fairy godmother, meaning that I make the extra papers she has on her desk go away.
  3. Gardening: I’ve been trying to garden ever since moving to Sacramento, but I have to say that it has not been easy. It’s a constant try and error, frustration and then… a cucumber grows and you’re eating something that you’ve planted from seed! Very enjoyable. That said, I do believe that if one day plants decide to avenge humans, they will get rid of me. I have killed more plants than I should. I’m currently on my fourth basil plant, which was eaten by a snail last night. Now what’s really taking my time is succulents! But I’ll eventually write an entire post on it.
  4. Learning New Things: I figured that my brain needs stimuli. Basically, I don’t want to go brain dead before 40. So I’ve taken French (again) and I’m also trying to learn to sketch. My budget it very limited, so when it comes to learning French, I can’t take classes or anything, so I’m using Memrise, which is a free app/website to get some sort of language input. As a language teacher I think that it’s a pretty good system they have there, so if you want to dabble in a new language, I strongly recommend it. The other thing, that is much more challenging than learning a language, is learning to sketch. I bought a course on sale on Craftsy and I’m loving it. I’ve always wanted to be an artsy person, and I guess that’s why I started with photography, but trying to sketch is a whole new thing for me. I am at that frustration stage, that I know will only end with practice.
  5. Exploring California: Or at least Northern California. My husband and I have started hiking, we still can’t do long hikes, but it’s been a great excuse to go outside and see different things. Our favourite, and longest hike, was around Muir Woods. We’ve also been to North Tahoe for a weekend with our small group from church, it was very relaxing and we got to know people better. Lastly, my parents we here in California, so obviously we did a lot of sightseeing; all the way from Sacramento to San Francisco and Los Angeles in 10 days! But I’ll write more about it in future posts.

I’m hoping that from now on I’ll get back into my regular blogging habits. I’m slowing getting back into my regular routine, but I at least I can say that I had a busy summer.


7 thoughts on “What’s been Keeping me Busy

  1. Oh I’ve been wondering where you’ve been at! Although I did see glimpses on IG. Nice that you are back tho 🤗 It’s good to keep busy and that you have been. I also need to start gardening.. I have no idea what I’m doing..

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      1. We are moving in a month and since winter is coming, my planting will have to wait for Spring. The whole yard needs to be redone, so who knows what sort of garden I will end up having 😅😅

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  2. Hi Camila! Thanks for following my blog!

    Since retiring, I am busier than ever before! I travel a lot (with my husband) – small trips by car, and large trips. We took a cruise to Alaska in August and in November we are going to your native country, Brazil. While I’m home, I also do things to keep my mind active. I’ve been taking piano lessons – I studied piano when I was a kid, but haven’t really played since then. I also want to learn a different language, so I chose a difficult one: Scots Gaelic! But I haven’t had time to do much with it. I have a garden too, but now that fall is here, there isn’t much to do except keep out the weeds.

    Have you tried coloring books? They’re a big fad right now. I have always loved them, but now I don’t have to limit it to when I’m with children!

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    1. That’s great that you’re keeping your mind busy with piano and Gaelic lessons. I’m a forever learner of French.
      I have tried coloring books, but it’s just not my thing. Lately I’ve been working on drawing and symbolic logic to keep my mind busy.


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