How a Bullet Journal Changed My Life

Ok, I’m hyperbolizing to make a point. But a lot has changed since I started my bullet journal. About three months ago I found myself in need of a project and decided to bookbinding myself a notebook. And then my BuJo craze started!  Let me explain what I mean by that.

Firstly, the simple fact that I made this notebook makes me feel happy. I’m still impressed that despite my lack of experience with bookbinding it di not fall apart. The cover is starting to get a little damaged, but that’s fine. Other than that, it is perfect and I love it! I do have to say one thing about bookbinding. The quality of the paper makes a huge difference if you ever consider making yourself a notebook.

Now Bullet Journaling is a whole different story. I have many people ask me about what it is? What’s it for? Or simply, how I use it? And it got me thinking that I should be clearer and not simply expect people to know what it is. So what exactly are BuJos?

What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journals are a note-taking system developed by Ryder Carrol. In simple words, you use bullet points to organize your schedule, lists, plans, doodles… anything! Really! All you need is a notebook and a pen/cil. What happens with bullet journals is that lots of creative college bloggers love it, and they’ve made it into something that looks super complex and you need to be artsy to have one, and that’s not true. Anyone can start one.

What I like most about having a bullet journal is the flexibility. The original method would describe everything as lists, but for those who are more visual, like myself, can change the layout into something more appropriate. You can add pages according to your needs. As long and your pages are numbered you’ll be able to access all the content you decide to put in your bullet journal. And everything is organized with an index page. And that is only one of the basic elements of a BuJo.


What Goes In A Bullet Journal?

Despite all its flexibility, there are some key parts that make a bullet journal a bullet journal. And here they are:

1. An Index: Just as in any book you would find an index that guides you to what you want to read, the same happens in your bujo. Since all your pages are numbered, you be able to access your content easily. This might sound a bit strange at first (it was to me), but it’s of extreme importance.

2. A Future Log: A future log is a way to plan the months ahead. As something comes up on your agenda, a birthday, holiday, wedding, you add it to your future log. For example: My husband’s winter coat needs dry cleaning, but it’s the middle of summer, why would I do that now? When I thought of it, I immediately added as a task to be done in October. I also have the dates to all the upcoming events.

lol thought this looked cute #futurelog #bujo #bulletjournal

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3. A Monthly Log: In your future log, you have simple bullet point reminding you of what is next to come. Your monthly log is where you start to add details to it.

4. A Daily Log: Here is where you get into the ins and outs. All the tasks and events in your day.

5. Collections:  This is where it gets fun. So anything else that you need you can add as a collection. Some of the most popular are: trackers, books read, planning trips, recorded recipes, etc. Since you are numbering your pages, once you create a new collection, go back to your index and take note of it in your index so you can find it easily.

August habit tracker ready to go in my #bulletjournal and I'm loving my lace cutout washi tape! ❤️ #bujo #habittracker

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I know this seems like a lot, but it’s really not. Trust me. If you are still a bit lost on the whole concept, that’s ok; I guess it takes some time trying to figure it out. This BuzzFeed post will help. But the question you’re asking is: how did it change your life?

Every year, I used to buy a new agenda and never really use it, until I found the perfect one! I bought the same one the year after and I never found it again. The reason I liked it so much was because I had space to write down personal notes as well as my important things. It had the flexibility I needed. Since then, I’d been trying to find a new one that could be as easily adapted as the one I liked, but I never found one. And then I found out about bullet journals. I don’t do well with getting my life organized on my phone, so carrying my bujo with me helps me focus. Especially in this awkward moment I live in, having a bullet journal puts my days into perspective and get me doing more things.

I decided to take this month and focus on my own bullet journal. The reason I’m doing this is because by blogging (and Instragraming) about it, I get to spend time thinking about it and really finding what works for me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help other people during this process.

Next time, I’ll let you peek into my bujo and show you how I’ve been doing it so far.

Have you heard of Bullet Journals before?

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17 thoughts on “How a Bullet Journal Changed My Life

  1. Ok, so bullet journaling sounds like a great idea! I desperately need a new way to get more organized and using apps in my phone is just not that effective! I need to write stuff down in a coherent order and bullet journaling sounds perfect for me. I think I just might give it a try 🙂

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  2. I do pretty much the same thing in my planner! I’ve tried Bullet Journaling and it just didn’t work for me. But I LOVE planners, and I found one a few months ago that is fantastic, and very similar to bullet journaling.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What I like about bullet journaling is the fact that it’s adaptable. I guess that’s why it worked for me. But in the end, people are different, so luckily there are many different ways of keeping track of our to-dos 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s exactly what I didn’t like about it! Funny, huh? The planner I’ve moved to, though, is somewhere between the tradition “time-slot schedule” and a BuJo. I do use some symbols in the planner, but it’s mostly just words.

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      1. I have three places which is not very convenient. My work calendar, my home kitchen table calendar and my phone. The only one which goes with me places is my phone, so it’s the most important I guess 😀

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    1. Hi TeeKay, sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine says she uses the same system as a BuJo on the Google Calendar. She color codes her tasks and migrates what needs migrating. I have considered creating a BuJo on my iPad – I have one o those apps that you can create and write/sketch as a regular notebook.

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  3. I have several calendars, including one on my phone which I code with symbols so I can see how many I have in that category. I also have a white board that sits on a chair where we can all see it.I put each week’s events/appointments that we have to remember on it. Mine are green, my husband’s are purple (our favorite colors), and I use blue for things that involve both of us. We are very dependent on it! So much so that if I forget to write it on the white board, we might forget it altogether! I have ADHD so it’s essential that I make lists and have some sort of planner. Then I have a little journal that has mostly lists. I do most of my writing online so I will check out Noteshelf.
    The Bujo sounds fun!

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    1. It is fun and you might like it, since you get to put your lists and journaling in one place.
      I also have a white board, but it’s not as organized as yours. I like the idea of different colours for me and my husband. I might just re-do my October calendar. 😉


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