Sacramento’s Midtown and THIS Midtown

THIS midtown sacramento

Summers in Sacramento are full of events for the community. What is more is that plenty of them are free. One of the events that I wanted to check out ever since the weather started warming up was THIS Midtown, promoted by Midtown Business Asociation. Not to mention that any excuse to go to the city is a great excuse.

Sacramento is very Instagram-oriented. I find out most of the things that are going on through the various pages promoting the city and its neighborhoods. Through one of those pages, I learned about a huge block party with electronic music called THIS Midtown. You probably might not know this about me, but I love all sorts of electronic music, and I haven’t gone out dancing since I got married. So when I saw that THIS Midtown was free I got really excited. The problem was trying to convince Fabio, a former jazz musician, to join me to an EDM party.

THIS Midtown started in April and will carry on, every second Saturday of the month, until September. June was the first one that Fabio and I attended. When we got there it was around 6 p.m. and there weren’t many people. So Fabio and I decided to go in one of the many bars for a drink. LowBrau is the combination of a german beerhouse with a modern pub. So, good food and beer in a modern friendly environment. We were really impressed by the food there; I think I ate the best fries I have ever had. Soon we realized that we wanted to explore other places in the city, so we closed our check and headed to Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. This is another place that I found about on Instagram and I was very enticed by their many chocolates and macarons; however, during the warmer months, they are doing something truly special: Macaroon Ice-Cream Sandwiches. How can one resist! It’s a gigantic macaroon with ice-cream in the middle! I think if I say any more about it’ll be torturous for you. Once we finished our treats at Ginger Elisabeth, we were still thirsty and started walking looking for somewhere new, and we started to listen to music. We tracked down where it was coming from a saw this band playing some sort of country in a vintage mechanic garage. How unexpected! We carried on our search for the next stop and stumbled upon a brewery called Rubicon. They are a known brewery in  the area, and we had even seen their beers being sold in supermarkets. Once again, we were not disappointed. The beer was good, and even though we didn’t order any food, we were dying to try their nachos plate and burgers.

in der Kneipe

Wurst und Pommes frites



Los Californianos


Das Bier

So we headed back to the Marrs Building, where THIS Midtown was happening and I persuaded Fabio to let me go dancing by myself. This was not only a huge step for me since I was in desperate need to dance, but also for our relationship. The DJ was great, everyone was friendly and I had a great time. Something very unusual happened, that made that evening even more memorable: this really drunk lady kept trying to go on the stage. On her third attempt she started grinding the wall behind the DJ when the security people came to take her down, she lifted up her skirt and showed he uncovered behind to all of those present. Completely unexpected! I felt so embarrassed for her, but hopefully she was so drunk that she doesn’t remember any of it.

Sacramento does not disappoint us. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy living here. Walking the city’s streets and enjoying the view is something that we do quite often. And now during the summer, I’m now really looking forward to the next second Saturdays to come and being able to add dancing to our midtown walks.

Does your city have big events during Summer?

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2 thoughts on “Sacramento’s Midtown and THIS Midtown

  1. Awesome! So great that you got to dance, shame about that lady and her behind 😂And my goodness, macaron ice cream sandwiches, yummy 😍😍 I love both, so that would be such a treat 👍

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