These two are complete Opposites. Wilson, the orange cat, is my husband’s from before we got married; and I got Blackie when we started dating. Blackie is very much like myself: she loves attention but at the same time gets a little intimidated when new people are around. She talks a lot and needs to know you’re listening to her. But every now and again, she needs some time for herself. Wilson is grumpy and gets irritated pretty easily.Β But sometimes he lets you close and allows you to give him love. Despite their differences, they get along well. Blackie doesn’t know when to stop and Wilson gets tired too easily, but somehow they balance each other out.

orange and black cats


12 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. Hi Camila, cat’s pic. is more expressive than the blog as you may need to explain cat’s
    psychology more in detail. How come they are friendly even both are loaded with lot of contradiction. Hope you understand my point. Regards.

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    1. I get your point. I think they realized that they live together and decided to live in peace. Not to mention that they both like to play a lot, so when Wilson is in the mood they’ll jump around and run after each other.
      Wilson is 10 and Blackie is 4, that’s one of the reason why they are so different as well.
      Hope I helped clarify their behavior Alok. 😁


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