Sunday Watch: Humans

I have always been a huge fan of sci-fi. I think I was the only kid in my class that knew the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, that’s how popular science fiction was in Brazil when I was a kid in school. But despite being bullied about it, I didn’t care at all. I love thinking about the many possibilities out there and what the human mind can create, including artificial intelligence. When I noticed that there was a new show available on Amazon Prime about A.I. I got really excited about it.

humans uk tv show

Imagine a possible world where scientists have developed synthetic humans, a robotic servant that can do anything a human can do and much more. They look and feel as a real people; however, they don’t possess any of the nuances that make us human, such as the ability to love or feel pain. These synths are so efficient that they are taking over people’s jobs, which makes having a synth a polemic decision. A London suburb family decides to buy a synth to help them with their everyday chores, they name her Anita (Gemma Chan). Laura Hawkins (Katherine Parkinson) the mother of this family, quickly notices that there’s something different about Anita; however, her husband Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill) thinks that she is transferring their relationship problems to Anita. Their three children have different feelings about having a synth at home. Mattie (Lucy Carless), is interested in hacking into Anita’s server, Toby (Theo Stevenson) has a huge crush on her, and Sophie (Pixie Davies) thinks she’s got a new best friend. Little do they know that their brand new synth Anita is actually a reprogrammed synth named Mia. Mia was part of a small group of synths led by Leo (Colin Morgan), who is human. A few months before the Hawkins bought Anita, she and other two of her group were taken and repurposed. Leo’s mission is to try to regroup them so they can go back to being a family. Meanwhile, a retired scientist, Dr. George Millican (William Hurt) is being forced to give up his own synth, who is more of a son, than a gadget to him. Also, police officers Pete Drummond  (Neil Maskell) and Karen Voss (Ruth Bradley) investigate suspicious synth activity in London. And somehow, everything is connected and you have no idea how.

humans tv show

From the very beginning I was intrigued by two things in the show: how are they all connected? and why is Anita so different? And in each episode you learn another small piece to the puzzle of why they are the way the are. I was definitely hooked. Despite enjoying the show, I don’t recommend watching it before you go to bed, the show has a very slow pace and you have to be focussed so you don’t miss out on any details, including the body language of the characters. Since the first season has only 8 episodes, things move fast on Humans.

  • Where to watch: Amazon
  • How long are the episodes: 60′
  • IMDB rating: 8.1/10
  • My rating: 8.5/10

Have you watched Humans? Do you enjoy sci-fi tv shows?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Watch: Humans

      1. Hi again. Just back to tell that I’ve watched all 8 episodes in 2 days, I was hooked. It was awesome! Thank you again! Wouldn’t have found out about it without your post. 😊

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