Saturday Statues: Newspaper Boy

Last year my parents went to Florida to visit my husband and I. While Fabio was taking classes at UF, I got in the car with them and drove to my favorite destinations in Central Florida, one of them being St. Petersburg. On this trip I learned something new about my dad: he loves taking pictures with statues. If you’ve met my dad, you’ll probably think I’m joking, so I was shocked seeing that he wanted me to take a picture of him with every single statue, and then, my mom would think my dad wasn’t creative enough with the statue and have me take another one. I did not expect that from my very traditional parents. Anyways, one of the many statues was this one of a newspaper boy right in front of the St. Petersburg Museum of History. I don’t know much more about it, but I do think it’s a cool looking statue.

Cathing Up with the News


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5 thoughts on “Saturday Statues: Newspaper Boy

  1. How cool to find out that about your dad!!! Its a fun hobby now that I think of it! There are so many statues out there to pose with, maybe I will try next time too 😊 These photos are so sweet and I do love the statue 💕

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