Food and Drink in Calgary

food and drink in calgary

When travelling, eating out is like the two sides of a coin: it can either be a great experience or a huge disaster. Sometimes the food is a bit too exotic, or you ended up spending more than what you were expecting. On the other hand, you can have the most delicious meal you’ve ever had or learned something new about your food preferences. Still, you have to eat. While in Calgary, we had some huge hits and misses when it came to eating out. I’ve decided to write only about the places that we went more than once in the hopes of making my reviews fair.

Ever since moving to the US, breakfast has been #1 on my foods to eat. So, my husband and I decided that we could go big on breakfast and then not worry much about lunch. Our favorite place for breakfast ended up being a Cafe called Vendome Cafe in Kensington. We went there first on our second day and then never even tried another place. Vendome is known for their breakfast and brunch and they did not disappoint. I strongly recommend both the eggs benedict and the breakfast poutine. Be prepared for it to be a bit crowded and have a small line in front. But do not worry, the service will be quick and there’s a lovely outside seating area to calmly eat and catch up with whoever’s with you.

Breakfast Poutine

Front of the Cafe

Outside Seating Area

Next on my list of places to eat in Calgary is a Bakery called Alforno in downtown Calgary. Just to be clear, bakeries are one of my most missed items from Brazil – I’m talking about varieties of bread, snacks, cakes, and other treats. It’s really hard to find really good bakeries in the States, so Alforno ended up being on our go-to list of places to eat in Calgary. Their cakes and sweets are amazing. The first time we went there was mainly for desserts, we were in a small group of four; each of us got something different and none of us were disappointed with what we ordered. Alforno is one of those places that you call a friend up to meet for a chat and have a cup of tea or coffee. On our last day, both Fabio and I needed a place to sit down and relax a little. While Fabio was working on philosophy stuff, I took my time drawing and enjoying a delicious piece of red velvet cake.




Last on my list of places we went more than once is a brewery called Last Best. We went there recommended by one of our colleagues who had been there before.They’ve got a nice selection of crafted beers and their happy-hour specials are pretty appealing. They also have a small food menu with traditional bar foods, like wings, fries, grilled cheeses, and sandwiches. We were all initially very excited – their decor is amazing.  And then the beer arrived. To be honest, I think I was the only person who really enjoyed their beer, it was a caramel macchiato beer. My husband was pretty disappointed with his IPA, and the beer experts at the table were not impressed at all. Still, we decided to go there again, since we were so well served and still hadn’t eaten their well-reviewed chicken wings. They were good, I have to admit, but we all felt like it wasn’t worth it. I keep looking at the pictures and thinking it would be a nice place to have a grown-up birthday party or something, but then, we would have to eat and drink there… It wasn’t bad… but we shouldn’t have gone there twice. No surprises why the place was never quite full with people.


Indoor Bike Parking



Open Courtyeard

Some of their beers

Looking back and thinking about all the palces we ate and drank, I realized that the places I liked the most are the ones with less pictures. LOL! I wonder why?

When you are out of town, what kind of food do you usually look for?

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Bonus food tip!!!

Honestly, eating out is fun and all, but you wanna know which were my favorite meals while in Canada? Getting something to drink and doughnuts from Tim Hortons, then finding a bench in a park and enjoying it while people watching!

tim hortons calgary


11 thoughts on “Food and Drink in Calgary

      1. to tell you the truth, I have never even heard of those places. The only one I was familiar with was Tim Horton’s haha. but yeah Calgary is a nice city in the summertime. But come back in the winter and see how you like it then…

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  1. I too am very much into breakfast these days! I sometimes even do a second breakfast LOL! We don’t have bakeries like in France in Finland either. I would love to have a local bakery where there would always be fresh bread or pastries. ..

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  2. Thanks Camila for trip of Calgary through your photographs which I missed for a long time though my cousin used to stay there for over twenty years. Now they are forced back to India now because of extreme cold. Mr. Gangster is right when he indicates Calgary is too cold to live.

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