Life gave me a Partner that I did not expect. We’ve been together for almost four years and it feels like much more than that. For some reason, ever since we met, things just made sense. He’s not only my husband but my best friend. He knows exactly what’s going on my mind, sometimes even before I’ve figured it out. I’m truly blessed to have him on my team.

lake louise


8 thoughts on “Partner

  1. Finding that person that makes us complete is amazing. Some people never have the chance to find that person, or some find them and only realise it once it is too late and they have left their lives, others due to tragedy lose that person far too quickly and for some they hunt so hard for the perfect person they miss the right one. The lucky ones though they settle and have many, many happy years together. It is fantastic that you are so happy and you really can see it in this picture. Life is definitely better sharing it with someone I’ve been lucky enough now to spend a third of my life and counting and I’d not be the person I am today without her 😀 x

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