Sunday Watch: Amazon Pilot Season

Since April 2013 Amazon Studios has been streaming their pilot shows. This year’s pilot season has just begun. With two dramas for the grown-ups and 6 children-friendly shows, they are now available for our review. I am a huge fan of Mozart in the Jungle and Alpha House, which both had their pilots aired in previous years, so I was really excited about the shows they had available.

amazon pilot season

Both shows available for grown-ups were based on novels. The first being The Last Tycoon, an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel from the 1940’s; the other being The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, released in 2013. It doesn’t take much to see that they are both completely different.

the last tycoon amazon

This classic novel about the early days of Hollywood, which in this Amazon Original version stars Matt Bomer as the movie producer Monro Stahr, who lost his wife in a tragic accident and is pushing to produce a movie about her life. His relationship with the owner of the studio he works, Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) starts to shatter after a few days into producing the movie. Brady’s daughter Cecelia (Lily Collins) is desperately in love with the idea of being a Hollywood producer and Stahr’s wife. Stahr seems like the perfect optimist, however, he has his secrets.

amazon the interestings

A group of teenagers meets during Art Camp in the 1970’s and become bound forever. Jules Jacobson (Lauren Ambrose) and Ash Wolf (Jessica Paré) have their friendship ruled by a secret they share. Ash’s husband Ethan Figman (David Krumholtz) who was also a member of their group has no idea this secret exists. While Ash is dealing with that and her brother Goodman (Matt Barr) Jules is left helping Ash this secret as well as deal with her own problems with her husband Dennis (Gabriel Ebert), who she in met college. The story is far from clear to what is that secret or how they ended up being where they are now, but the flashbacks and flash-forwards reveal pieces of the events that happened during a 20-year gap.
After watching both of them, I have to say I more excited about The Interestings than The Last Tycoon. Don’t get me wrong they are both pretty good. But the latter has a slow pace and only on the last couple of minutes I was excited about the storyline. On the other hand, the Interestings appealed to the time-traveler in me. I love stories that aren’t clear and slowly start to reveal by adding another piece of information. I guess the sleuth in me is awaken when that happens.
Usually, I would end the post by adding my rating for the show, but since these are still pilots and Amazon wants your  onion, I’ll leave you guys to your own conclusions. If you Amazon Prime, these shows are already available for you. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, worry not. They are inviting all to assess their pilots. Just go to Amazon Preview and join the list. Once you’ve watched it, go to and you’ll easily find the link to their survey.
If you do watch them, don’t forget to let me know what you thought about these pilots.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Watch: Amazon Pilot Season

  1. Both sound very interesting. I would love to know if the Tycoons have gorgeous gowns from the 40s? I signed up but I’m not sure if I can be considered as I’m not in the US…

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