Monthly Playlist: June

June was a month in which I spent many hours in front of the computer editing photos – and it still is since I’ve only done about half of the photos from my trip to Calgary. For obvious reasons I needed a playlist that would help me focus, but also work as some sort of energy booster from the many hours sitting. So here are some of the songs that worked as a soundtrack to my hours in front of the computer.


7 thoughts on “Monthly Playlist: June

      1. My age will show here, but I am a bit all over the place. When I used to be able to train it was upbeat Eminem, Dre and many other dance tracks. For contemplation I am a fan of the likes of Ben Harper, Ben E King, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Nickelback, Oasis and similar. I was brought up on the Beatles and sixties music so.the whole Brit Pop era in the 90’s formed my love. I have to say though I don’t think I have listened to the current charts in over 5 years. Even our 19 year old has an old record player and is discovering a love for vinyl records 😜

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