Downtown Calgary


downtown calgary

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went to Calgary, CA. While he was participating in philosophy conferences and talking about possible worlds, I took my camera out and went for a walk in the city.

This was my first time in Canada, and I was really excited to be able to finally go there. Calgary is located in the south of the province of Alberta, and it is the largest city in the province with over 1 million people. Calgary is also a go-to destination in Canada due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which is worth saving a day to visit. Calgary is located close where the Bow River and Elbow River meet, but unlike most cities that are close to rivers, the water the incredibly clean and a with different tones of blue.

rocky mountains
View of the Rocky Mountains from the airplane.

I’m a big city person. I love tall buildings and feeling small next to them, so I was really excited to visit Calgary’s city center. We stayed close to the University of Calgary’s campus, so getting downtown was just a train ride away. There are only two lines in Calgary, but they are easy to use and get around. I strongly recommend staying close to one if you ever decide to visit Calgary. The tickets cost $ 3.15 CAD  for one-time use and are valid for 90 minutes, but if you plan on taking more than three trips, consider getting the day pass, which costs $ 9.50 CAD and is valid until midnight. Just keep in mind that the downtown stations are part of a free-fare zone. You can buy the tickets at any station on automatic machines. It’s really simple to use.


Train Station

Downtown Calgary is beautiful. I feel in love with the tall and shiny buildings. But even more with the contrast of big city living and nature. There’s this balance between green and gray, old and new, that make it even more special. I think that within two hours of walking in the city I decided that I could easily move there, even with their hard winters.




The City

I didn’t get much time to plan my visit, but I did spend some time making a small list in my bullet journal of things to see in the city. Together with my trusted travel app (HERE Maps), I got around pretty easily. Also, I’m not afraid to get lost, so I had a good time wandering the city streets. In my list of places to see was pretty simple: Calgary Tower, Stephen Avenue Walk, Wonderland Sculpture, Price Island and the Eau Clair Park. I decided on a route and kept and eye on my app to find out other lovely things around. I was amazed by all I saw.

Calgary Tower #3

Calgary Tower


Urban art


Usually when I’m in “camera mode”, I tend to be a bit annoying. I want the perfect picture, so I spend a lot of time looking for the right angle. With my husband at his conference and me on my own ended up being perfect, because I could take all the time I needed for my pictures. And when I needed a break, I’d just find the closest Tim Hortons and have a doughnut.

Day 2 #calgary . #timhortons #doughnuts the best I've ever had. Seriously!

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There are many other pictures I took those few days I spent in Calgary, some of them will get their own post here on the blog. You can check them all on my Calgary Flickr album.

Have you ever been to Calgary?  





13 thoughts on “Downtown Calgary

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve never been to Canada but would like to go for the nature and also for the cities. The French-speaking parts intrigue me because I speak French but understand absolutely nothing of the Canadian accent! But now you put Calgary on the map for me, too 🙂 Your photos are gorgeous. What’s Flickr like? I recently joined Instagram just to try it out but wasn’t that impressed. Maybe I’d like Flickr more, hmm…?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m really happy with how these photos turned out. 🙂
      Calgary is amazing, and since it’s a bigger city, their accent isn’t bad at all.
      Flickr is a photo storage/sharing site. It’s a good place to store you photos and see some interesting photography that goes on out there. I started using Instagram to find out stuff to here in Sacramento. Oh! And to watch cat videos! 😀

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