Sunday Watch: 24

In 2001, Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran had the brilliant idea of making a 24-episode season edited in real-time. Consequently, each episode would represent an hour in a day of the federal agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), whose sole mission is to save whatever crisis comes before him.

24 jack bauer

Jack Bauer works for the Los Angeles Counter-Terrorist Unit (CTU), and he is far from your everyday federal agent. As one of the main CTU agents, Jack is always the first to know of whatever crisis the American government is facing and his loyalty to the mission, incredible skills and readiness to do whatever it takes to complete his mission, make him the man for any job. During the seasons, he was shot, tortured, betrayed, and at one point he even died; still he did not lose focus on what his mission was. If you think Captain America is cool, that’s because you haven’t seen 24 yet.

I remember when the show first aired in 2001. It was my senior high school year. And for some reason, in Brazil it aired really late on a Sunday. At the time, I was never able to follow the show and really get into it. Also, people didn’t get that excited about it in Brazil, probably because it is VERY American, so I guess it wasn’t something that the Brazilian viewers got into. Having said that, it has always been on my tv bucket list. Last Mach, my husband and I started watching it. He also didn’t watch the show when it aired in Brazil. Since we both are suckers for a lot of action, we have officially made 24 our lunch-time TV show. We are currently in the middle of season 5 and we still haven’t got tired of it.

24 jack bauer

Just in case there are people who still haven’t seen the show, I can’t say much about the plot. A lot of the excitement in 24 is finding out who the moles are and the jaw breaking ending of each day. However, I decided to make a short pros/cons list of why one should watch 24.


  1. Jack Bauer is way cooler than Chuck Noris. He goes above and beyond what is needed and is not afraid of the consequences. Not to mention he is truly skilled in combat.
  2. The plot twists. I’m a spoiler lover. I love it so much that I always watch shows thinking about what how things are going to end. And I have been wrong so many times while watching 24. And this is something that doesn’t happen often. There’s always a mole and the terrorists always have a plan B. Each season gets more intricate and more impressive.
  3. Women and children first. Jack Bauer is not afraid to do the unwanted in order to complete his mission, but he’ll also go out of his way to protect the innocent. Don’t be surprised if he puts his own life in jeopardy to save those in need.


  1. He never seems to get tired. With the exception of season 1, he is never tired. As if sleep is only for the weak.I know adrenaline kicks in a high-stress situation, but Physiologically people need sleep and he doesn’t even blink. Maybe sleep IS only for the weak.
  2. The inexistent traffic in LA. I have only been to LA once, and even I know that traffic there is terrible. Unless all the locations in the show are somewhere downtown LA, I don’t think that the time people spend in traffic is that accurate. Having said that, Jack can fly helicopters, and many times they do fly from one location to the other.
  3. Terrorists only care about exploding LA. With that said, Jack Bauer works for CTU LA, so it’s quite natural the show doesn’t mention other threats. Still it’s a bit strange that no matter who is trying to terrorize the United States, they always think that killing the citizens of LA will solve their problems.
  • Where to watch: Amazon
  • How long are the episodes: 50′
  • IMDB rating: 8.4/10
  • My rating: 9.5/10

Have you seen 24? What would you add to my pros/cons list?


9 thoughts on “Sunday Watch: 24

  1. I also never watched 24 when it originally aired and binge watched all 8 seasons. I had to buy the DVD box set when I was done so I could watch all the DVD extras! I loved it so much. Weirdly though, I have yet to watch the mini-series reboot. Your pros and cons are perfect, too!

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  2. I was addicted to 24 back in the day 😉 I can’t remember which season I stopped at, it was very entertaining but then I just got tired of it. Jack Bauer sure was energetic, LOL!

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