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predio banespa

Keeping Myself Busy is a project that I started in December 2015 to help me find purpose and routine in my everyday life. But before living in the States, I had an extremely busy life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Every now and again I would have a free afternoon where I would wonder the streets of Sao Paulo and find something different to do or see. One of those afternoons I decided to go to the top of the Altino Arantes Building, commonly know as Banespa Building.

The Banespa Building was built between 1939-1974 to be the headquarters of the Bank of the state of Sao Paulo (Banespa), hence, where it got its name. It was designed by Plinio Botelho do Amaral, who was inspired by the Empire State Building. The building has 35 floors and is 161.22 meters tall, and you can see it from pretty much anywhere downtown Sao Paulo. I worked in the North Zone of the city, and I had an amazing view of the building from one of the classrooms I taught. But what is amazing about this skyscraper is the panoramic view you get from the top. You can see the most of the important buildings in the city center and, more importantly, the never ending sea of buildings that is Sao Paulo.

Predio Banespa

Predio Banespa

Going up the Banespa Building is a must. Not only the views are amazing, but downtown Sao Paulo is fantastic. To get there, it’s just a short walk from the Sao Bento metro station. Google Maps public transport is pretty accurate, so you can just Google ahead and figure out how to get there. The walk from the station is fantastic! The old European architecture makes city center magical. On your way to the building you’ll see a Portuguese bakery called Casa Mathilde; it’s a bit on the pricey side, but their traditional Portuguese cakes and pies are totally worth it! I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of their treats, but last time I went there I wasn’t thinking about food-porn.

Going up the building is free of charge, but be sure to expect a long line. You need some sort of official ID, a passport, if you are a foreigner, is preferred. They’ll, then tell you the expected time. If I’m not mistaken I waited about 2 hours to get to the top. There are two elevators that only take a few people at a time. You can only stay 5 minutes at the top, but I promise it’s enough to go round and take plenty of pictures. It’s been about three years since I last visited the Banespa Building, and looking at these pictures made me a bit nostalgic about living in Sao Paulo. Despite the lack of respect people have for the city, it’s by far one of my favorites.

Sao Paulo Public Market

Downtown Sao Paulo

Downtown Sao Paulo

Se Cathedral

Usually, I write about things that have been happening since moving to the United States  but I was recently inspired by one of my favorite blogs Destination: Everywhere to write this post. Oh, by the way, Suvi is a blogger based in Finland whose passion for traveling, good food and museums make her everyday life in Helsinki a holiday. I definitely recommend you stopping by.

Have you ever been to Sao Paulo, Brazil?

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17 thoughts on “Banespa Building, Sao Paulo – Brazil

  1. Oh Camila, thank you for your kind words ❤ I am so flattered, you made my day!! In addition to being keen to hear about your life in the US, I am very interested on hearing more about Brazil. I have only been to Colombia in SA. These views are amazing. Two hours is a long wait but you know me, I love views from above!

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  2. Great post! I’d love to visit Sao Paolo, I once knew a girl from there… she told me it’s better for watching the samba carnival than Rio de Janeiro because it’s not as crowded – though I’m sure it’s still pretty busy!!! I’ve started to dance samba actually this year myself, but I’ve always been a fan, so her words stuck with me. I always thought one day I’d travel there… though I haven’t yet! (Next Saturday there’s a samba carnival where I live, in Helsinki, Finland, and I know many of the dancers. Can’t wait to see it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That seems exciting! Carnival is fun, but in many different ways. If you’re looking for the carnival parades, than Rio is the right place. For me, carnival is peace and quiet, so my home town – Florianopolis – is perfect for that.
      But I’m sad to say that I cannot dance samba. I’ve tried, but I’m terrible at it. It does seem fun though 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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