Making a Plastic Bag Container


Most of our grocery shopping is done at Trader Joe’s and one of our weekly items is coffee. My husband is a huge fan, and we end up buying one of those coffee cans a week. I keep looking at them and thinking that they are too cool to just throw away. I’m a huge fan of repurposing stuff. But I’ve noticed that I keep the coffee cans, and they are just gathering dust and crowding my shelf. So I tried to find some use for them.

Some of my projects include painting them with chalk paint so I can write what I put in them, which is usually candy, by the way. I’ve also realized that they’re not that hard to cut so I can adapt the size to whatever need I have.

I ran out of chalk paint and noticed that they still look pretty cool just without the label. Since I needed some place to store my newly acquired colouring materials, I just ripped out the label and put my colour pencils and felt pens inside.

But I had a problem. Since we have two cats, we normally keep the plastic bags we get at the supermarket to clean their litter pan. Having two cats means twice the cleaning.  We ended up putting them all in a drawer and it was driving me crazy! Such a waste of space that could be better used. I decided to put two together and make myself a container for the bags that would be easy to use.

trader joes coffee
The mess that my drawer used to be. That black thing on the corner is my cat Blackie.

It’s quite easy to make, and if you don’t have Trader Joe’s where you live, you can probably find something else to make it. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the label. Paint it if you like.
  2. With a knife, cut an “X” on the plastic lid.
  3. Put the first plastic bag in the container. Make sure to keep it open to the top.
  4. Put the second plastic bag in the first.
  5. Carefully, push the first plastic bag inside the container. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go all the way.
  6. Put a third bag inside the second.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your container is full.
  8. Once it’s full, put handles of the bag through the plastic lid, and close it.
trader joes coffee

I managed to about 15 plastic bags inside my container. And I didn’t put more because I didn’t have more. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it still works great!

I am now wondering what to do with all free space! What would you put inside an empty drawer?

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*01/27/2017: I added a link to participate in The Daily Post’s Repurpose Photo Challenge.


13 thoughts on “Making a Plastic Bag Container

  1. Oh that is SUCH a great idea! I love the size of those coffee cans! I don’t really drink coffee, so only get the small glass jars (which I reuse) but oooh I could think of so many uses for the cans. Sadly, I have no suggestions for the drawer – wait, make it your “drawing” drawer?! 😀

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  2. Great idea! We are drowning in plastic bags! We use them for our cat’s litter box, to line the small wastebaskets in the bathrooms, etc. I keep them in a bag hanging on a door handle. I think I will try your idea!
    Another use for coffee cans: If someone in your family smokes (my son does), fill an empty can about halfway with (clean) cat litter. The smoker then can use this as an ashtray outside and keep the lid on when not in use. It’s better than having ashtrays full of cigarette butts near the entrance to the house! And easier to clean too: When the litter is full of butts, just throw the whole thing (except the can) into the garbage on trash day.
    Another can idea: similar to what you did with the bags, except use it for those plastic gloves that doctors use. A friend made one for me and labeled it “Guantes” in Spanish, so I could take it to school for emergency use in my bilingual classroom.

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