Matcha Cookies

matcha cookies

I’m definitely not a cooking blogger. I enjoy cooking and I think I’m a pretty good cook, or at least my husband says I am, but I wouldn’t dare to join the world of cooking blogs. Having said that, cooking is something that keeps me quite busy, and this week I caught myself making tons of cookies for different occasions. Including this morning when my husband woke me up to make Matcha Cookies for one of his professors at UC Davis.

If you have never heard of matcha before, it is essentially green tea powder. There are some differences when it comes to how the leaves are harvested and prepared, but it’s still the same plant. The typical was to use it is as a tea, so it has all the benefits of green tea, but it’s better for you because you eat the leaves. Personally, it tastes like vegetable tea. I like it a lot, though. I have been making it as a latte, either hot or cold; it tastes less strong when mixed with milk and sugar. Another thing you should know about matcha is that this tea is highly associated with Zen, being the focus of the Japanese tea ceremony. This makes matcha tea and meditation a great pair.

04_matcha bag

Matcha is not easy to find, though. You need to go to specialized markets or have a friend bring it to you next time they go to Asia, which is what Fabio’s professor, who is Taiwanese, does. Oh, I forgot to mention that the only reason why I know of matcha is because of this professor. Fabio and he were talking about Mate (a kind of tea drank in Argentina, Uruguay and the South of Brazil), and that’s how it came up. We bought ours from Amazon. Let me just give you a heads up, it can be expensive.

Matcha Cookies
Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookies in a bag as a gift for Fabio’s professor.

Another benefit of matcha is versatility. If you don’t like the taste of it alone, you can add a teaspoon to your morning smoothie. I decided to explore it in baking and I found this recipe on  Salu Solo Recipes. If you enjoy these matcha cookies you’ll find many other matcha recipes there.



8 thoughts on “Matcha Cookies

  1. Wow these sound amazing! I never bake cookies.. maybe I should give this a try if I find Matcha somewhere. I love Matcha Frappucinos but you can’t get them in Finland. I bought a bunch of Matcha cookies, chocolates, even Kit Kats from Bangkok when I was there last summer but none of them really became favourites. xx

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