Bullet Journal and Bookbinding

diy bullet journal

Last week I posted about making my own notebook and starting my own Bullet Journal. I’m here today to report on how that worked.

Let’s start with bookbinding.

  • Firstly, bookbinding  is much harder than what it looks. I used about 40 sheets of paper, together with 8 sheets that I cut out from Trader Joe’s paper bags. I decided to use the paper bags, so it would create some texture to the notebook, which made it look pretty cool as well. I also use these paper bags to create the cover for my notebook.
  • I created a template so that the holes for sewing the sheets of paper would be in the same place. It didn’t work well considering I made the hole on the template too big, resulting in uneven holes for sewing the pages together.
  • The instructions I used to make my own notebook was really clear, especially when mentioning that the pages needed to be really tight when sewing them together. I, on the other hand, could not get it as tight as it was supposed to be, so it initially looked a bit sloppy. I used a lot of glue to sort that problem out, but the glue made some of the pages a bit hard to flip. It’s not the end of the world, though.
  • It probably took me about 4 hours to cut the paper bags, make the holes, sew it together, glue the corners and make the cover. Add to that another 8 hours while the glue was setting overnight.

diy journa


All in all, I really like it! With all it’s flaws, I’m so proud of making my own notebook. I do think that shouldn’t have taken such an ambitious project right away, though. Bookbinding definitely takes practice.

Bullet Journaling so far…

…is fun!

A bullet journal is all about adapting to what your needs are. And perhaps the original layout doesn’t work for you, so you can adapt to your needs. On a bullet journal, you add collections as you feel the need for them, so you can add a shopping list, information about a trip, your personal list of movies you saw that month or book you read, your own weight loss progress – the sky is the limit. On one blog I read, the lady had the recipe for her how taco blend.

With that in mind, I started added the things I needed. My first addition was our monthly budget. I usually do it in its own notebook, but realized that if I keep everything in one place, the chances of making it work would increase. Another addition was a monthly calendar with my blog posts. I already schedule posts quite often, and this month I’m going to be off and on a lot, so I decided to try to put it all on paper, so I could keep track of all post I want to write this month.

I know it’s been only a week since I started my first bullet journal, but I’ve noticed that there are some things on the basic layout that don’t work for me. One being the monthly schedule as a list. I need a lot more visual information than that. So for next month, I’ll do the traditional calendar view. But for now, that’ll do.

I’m also trying to draw more, I feel that it makes my brain more active while trying to practice some zentangle patterns and pretty doodles. So I’ve decided to try and draw something that’ll be meaningful at least once a day in my bullet journal. I hope to get better at it. But I’ve noticed that the simple fact of making it look pretty is already a successful way of using my brain when compared to watching tv.

04 bullet journal

Overall, I’m super excited about this. I can’t stop going on Pinterest looking for different types of boxes and lines to make it look prettier and prettier. It’s really stimulating I guess.

Where do you keep your schedule? On a calendar, your phone..?

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21 thoughts on “Bullet Journal and Bookbinding

  1. How cool – I don’t think I would’ve managed making a notebook with my patience, so well done!

    About bullet journals, the concept is very new to me, as your blog is the first place I’ve read about them. It sounds like these are very popular at the moment?

    I have a paper calendar at home but mainly I use my phone’s calendar to keep my schedule!


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  2. I’ve been thinking about bookbinding a bullet journal, but I have many problems with the idea. I did crafted several notebooks, but the A4 is too narrow for a perfect bullet journal (I use one that is A5 size, which would be the same of a A4 handbound notebook). Also, I simply cannot find any B4 sheets in 90g/m² in my country.
    Is yours made with regular A4? Do you have trouble with the weight of the sheets (like bleeding and ghosting)?

    PS: love your craft! this is pure art ❤

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    1. Thanks Gueda! This was my first notebook and I had no idea what I was doing to be honest. I used regular letter-sized paper, simply because it was what I had at home. It was pretty easy to work with. And so far it is working well. What is bleeding and ghosting? It seems like something I should know before I try my making my next notebook.

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      1. I worry a lot about how paper responds to different types of ink, because I have a lot of pens, and work with calligraphy. So, when you have a paper that absorbs a lot of ink (the regular office type, which weights 75 g/m²), it can lead to ghosting (the ink appears on the other side of the sheet, but not that much, you can only see that the other side is used) and in some serious cases, bleeding (the ink is totally absorbed by the paper, leaving the other side completely useless). I have used Moleskine and some other brands, and most of my good pens bleed through the pages, leaving me one choice: work with regular pens, that I’m really not comfortable with. Usually paper that is thicker works well with most inks, but for a notebook, 90 g/m² or 100 g/m² are best.
        If you do not use fountain or calligraphy pens, you are fine with regular paper 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂 My secret is practicing! LOL
      In my lack of things to do I end up drawing a lot, so everything I put there was practiced a lot. What sort of collections do you have in yours?


      1. Well you’re doing a great job!
        I’m use many templates and stencils (is that cheating a little bit? LOL 🙂 , I’m not as good as you!

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      2. Of course it’s not cheating! I currently added a habit tracker, I saw it on a blog and thought that was cleaver. I realized that I award myself for doing stuff when I colour the little boxes 🙂


  3. Okay, now I’m interested in this!!!! Yours looks so pretty and I had to google what a bullet journal is and found lots of interesting pictures. I used to have a Moleskin calendar but it was always a mess (an organized mess) … I wonder if I would have the patience to try to create the calendar’s contents myself and make it as pretty as yours? I’m inspired to go out and buy ink pens and a notebook – let’s see!

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    1. You should totally do that! 😀 I’ve seen so many pretty things on Pinterest with bullet journals! It amazes me what people can do. Mine has become a bit of a mess lately, but I still love the bullet journal concept. I’ve been able to keep track of my non-existent routine and not carry as much stuff around as I used to.

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      1. Inspired by you, I went out yesterday and bought a moleskin and some ink pens/felt pens, also some colored aquarelle pens… 🙂 So I did’t build my own notebook from scratch, like you, and it’s not going to replace all my digital notes, but I got inspired to do some drawing and coloring! 🙂 So thanks for the idea!!

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