While in college, I was part of the athletics team. I used to do the hammer throw, discus and shot put – the hammer being my favorite. And just today I was talking to a friend, whom I met while training in college, how important that time was for us. We were young and silly, but we realized that we were happy and how much we grew during that period of our lives. We became aware of how meaningful tracks are to us. She just emailed our little group saying that more than medals, our friendship was the best prize of all.

tracks uc davis

This picture was taken at a track & field event at UC Davis, a few weeks ago. It’s by far not the best picture I’ve taken, but the Admiration I have for everyone who gets involved in these events is huge! The sense of team and comradery is much more relevant than in any other sport. You alone are responsible for a huge part of the team’s performance. So it’s not as individualistic as people expect athletics to be. I miss everything about it.


5 thoughts on “Admiration

  1. Brilliant shot, brilliant angle. Love how you involved the spectators and the runners coming round the bend. Great spirit all round. Also, I agree that friendship is the most important prize of all – there is so much to be gained from friendships and they often make us feel loved 🙂

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