North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to leave the city and see something different. We decided on going to north Tahoe and explore that area. We are on a super tight budget, so we still couldn’t make it to a ski resort and try it out.We had, however, a great day just the two of us, enjoying the pretty view.

From Sacramento to Tahoe City, you should take I-80 towards Reno. And it’s a beautiful drive. As soon as you pass by Auburn, CA,  the road gets narrower and the trees closer and taller. The altitude starts rising and when you least expect there’s snow everywhere. There is a vista point just before the intersection of I-80 and Rout 89. It’s a gorgeous view, definitely worth a 5 minute stop for pictures.

Vista Point North Tahoe

On our arrival in Tahoe City, we noticed how quaint it is. There’s basically one street where all the restaurants and shops are and the rest seems basically residential. My cousin lived in the area for some time and she described it as a great place for brunch, and that’s exactly how it feels. We decided on a picnic by the lake at Tahoe City’s recreational Area and it ended up being perfect. There are tables, grills, a toilet and lots of shade. Honestly, I love having picnics; eating outside with nothing but a beautiful view and no waiters rushing you to finish your meal and leave so they can sit the next guests.

Soon after we finished we started exploring the waterfront. If you’re a big boat person, I bet it would be great to have or rent a boat there. But what surprised me the most is seeing the effects of the drought here in California. We could easily identify where the water used to be. Despite all that, some people managed to use the draught in their favour and built stone towers to entertain themselves; others would see how far they could walk on water.

Stone Tower

The Tower and the Lake

Walking on Water

We, on the other hand, were not that adventurous and decided to still and enjoy the sun at the marina.



We kept on driving and exploring North Tahoe, until we got to Kings Beach, CA. And the same question kept puzzling me: Where did all the water go?


Fishing vs. Drought

All in all, it was a beautiful day and we were extremely excited by all of it. But we get excited with this kind of stuff easily. When I look back and think about having Lake Tahoe so close to us, I can’t help but think how privileged we are that we get to live here. I know I already posted a ton of pictures, but there are more from that day on my Flickr Album, if you’d like to take a look.

Have you ever been to North Tahoe? Share your experience with me on the comment section bellow.

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      1. Oi Camila. Eu amo português e no Brasil. Quando jovem, eu visitou o Rio de Janeiro e Penedo (a pequena Finlândia) e meu professor de Português foi uma senhora brasileira e é por isso que eu escrevo meus posts em Português também. O Brasil é fantástica bonito.

        Neste post, eu tenho muitos ligações para o Penedo!

        Arejamento das trajes nacionais .

        Espero que você o ama.

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