There’s nothing more soothing than going outside, maybe somewhere higher and looking at the Landscape around you. Stepping back and leaving everything behind to be able to take in all Creation and its beauty is simply inspiring. It makes me feel small, but in a good way.

Landscape San Francisco

How do you feel when you look an awe-inspiring landscape? I would love if you’d share it with me on the comment section bellow.

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13 thoughts on “Landscape

  1. Hey Camila, this is such a peaceful and awe inspiring photo. I feel much like you, nature totally resonates with me and being outside puts all our worries and cares into perspective.

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  2. I love this image, for many the sea is a powerful and scary thing but I love it. It reminds me of pre accident healthy Seachy who loved swimming in the sea and enjoying the freedom it gives you. The dullness reminds me of cold wet mornings when I would run regardless! The image is beautiful and I would be able to clear my mind on runs like this. The ironic reality of the world however is that only now do I see the beauty that surrounds me and that I now enjoy to photograph. Beauty personified here though 🙂

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