MyFavPhoto: March – Results

March Results

March is almost at its end and its time to reveal the pictures that were chosen as March’s favorites. Sadly, no one but me added photos to the challenge this month. Oh well… Having said that, there were many votes this month and the picture with the most votes was:

People Watching

#3 People Watching

Just so you know, that was the picture that I was most unsure of, so it was great to see that my photographic instincts aren’t that bad. And this is the actual idea of MyFavPhoto Event: getting feedback on the pictures we take.

If you’d like to join in the next event, On the 20th of each month, I announce the opening of the event, and you can post your three favorites on you own blog  until the 28th (when I post the results). Don’t forget the tag myfavphoto so everyone can find you. For more information you can go to the event’s page. Hope you join next month.


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