Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge


golden gate san francisco

Living in Sacramento has so many perks: the coffee shops, the weather, the quality of produce… But by far my favorite is its location. There are so many possibilities for day trips and outdoor activities that staying at home seems silly. Echo Lake and Muir Woods are just a few that I have written about. But if there’s one place that everyone has in mind when they come to visit us is San Francisco. It’s just a couple of hours (and one toll booth) away.

Golden Gate Bridge #3

Golden Gate Bridge #1

San Francisco is famous for many things, but I believe that the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the Golden Gate Bridge. The almost 5-mile long suspension bridge connects the San Francisco county to Marin county and can easily be seen from a distance. It is quite an impressive view. Fun fact: it it said that the Golden Gate Bridge’s design inspired the Hercilio Luz Bridge, the first bridge built to connect the island of Florianopolis in Brazil (a.k.a. my hometown) to the main land. Funny enough, the American engineers who built it forgot to account for the ocean and rust (*facepalm). The bridge was closed in the early 1980’s for safety reasons.

Golden Gate Bridge


There are many ways you can cross the Golden Gate Bridge: on foot, by bike and by car. Here are some things to keep in mind when crossing the bridge:

  • On foot. Don’t forget that it’s almost 5 miles (1.9km). So if you’re not the most athletic person you should be prepared. There’s always a lot of traffic, but it’s still completely safe. If you’re like me and don’t want to cross the whole thing on foot, you can always park at the Vista Point and walk a part of the way. That’s what I usually do.
  • By bike. This is probably the best way to cross the bridge. There are many places you can rent a bike for the day and cycle there. Even though San Francisco has many (many) hills, most of the touristic places are near the shore, which makes it quite bike friendly. Renting a bike in San Francisco can cost you anything between USD $7.00 and $15.00 per 2 hours.
  • By car. As long as your not driving during rush hours you’re fine. There is a toll in the southbound direction (when you enter San Francisco). You can pre-pay it, or pay it within 48hours after you cross the bridge. To be honest, if not for this post, I wouldn’t have figured out how to pay it. So if you’re planning on crossing the bridge by car, be sure to enter this site and get more information.

Getting Close

On the Bridge

Crossing the bridge is a bucket-list experience, but just looking at it is impressivie. There are many places where you can get the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Some of them include: Battery Spencer, Fort Point and the Marina. has a really good list of the five best spots to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking Down

Going to San Francisco is always fascinating, and being able to go there whenever we can is such a priviledge. Never in my life I though I would have this experience. I think the views of the bridge are just a part of the cities charm.

Have you ever crossed the Golden Gate Bridge? What was the experience like? Share you experience with me in the comment  secction bellow.

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10 thoughts on “Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. It is amazing and beautiful, I’d love to do America, not sure my pain could do the distance in planes so I’ll have to settle for amazing images like these. You guys are very lucky to have something so amazing near you to view and photograph – can you tell I am a little bit jealous 🙂

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  2. I did this a few years ago and it was the best experience! I parked at Vista Point and walked it – It didn’t feel that long until I got to the SF side and realized I had to trek back across for my car!

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