Architecture Photography

I’m by no means a photographer, but I enjoy photography and I’ve had it as a hobby for about 5 years now. Even though I’m not a pro, I’m trying to find out my photographic niche. I’m still not sure what it is, but I’m sure that it’s not portrait photography.

On the other hand, one of the many fields that I enjoy is architectural photography. There’s something about the lines and details of buildings that fascinate me. I usually convert such photos to black and white to enhance these lines. Here’s one of my most recent architecture photos. It was taken in Chinatown, San Francisco.

Somewhere in Chinatown

I posted a picture, which I called Twins, on February’s MyFavPhoto event. Following a similar composition, it’s the following picture of the main dome at the Palace of Fine Arts, also in San Francisco.


I’m still miles away from the professional architectural photographers, but I keep thinking that I’m also miles away from where I started five years ago.

This post is day 12 of WordPress’ Blogging U: Photo 101. We were encouraged to take pictures of architectural elements considering converting them to black and white.


6 thoughts on “Architecture Photography

  1. I like the way the bricks are showing up in contrast to the fire escapes in your first photo. great clarity. The second photo is really good too, a great angle that really emphasises the height. YES.. you ARE a photographer.

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