MyFavPhoto: My March Pictures

I have to admit something: I’ve just realized that I accidentally deleted most of the pictures I took this month. Yes… That’s kind of dumb… So finding three pictures to showcase as my favorites wasn’t that easy. But I was a bit more selective with some pictures I took at the beginning of the month.

If you’re not familiar with what MyFavPhoto, take a look at the event’s page. But for now, all you need is to give me feedback to which one is your favorite, and why you liked it.

White Flowers

#1. White Flowers: I took this picture on my phone. You can see a ton of these lovely white flowers everywhere here in Sacramento.

romance on the pier

#2. Romance on the Pier. I felt like a paparazzi taking this picture.

People Watching

#3. People Watching.  I was playing with manual focus that day, and I thought it would be interesting to use the arm of these benches as a frame. I’m not sure I like it better in color or in black and white.

So, those are my three choices for the month of March. I’d love to know which one you thought was the best. If you like, you have until the 27th to post your favorites with the tag myfavphoto.



16 thoughts on “MyFavPhoto: My March Pictures

  1. I like #2 it’s the weathered wooden boards that show the times of wear. The boards direct my eye to the subject in the photo. The people sit with some space between them indicating they are not in a rush like the boards on the pier they to will mellow with time.

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