My Favorite Photo: March


Hello everyone!

It’s the 20th and there are probably a bunch of pictures you’ve taken this last month, right? Or maybe just the a few and would love to share them with the world. Or at least with me!

You’ve got about 10 days to select your 3 favorite pictures this month and share them with the tag myfavphot. The idea is that everyone who’s also sharing will give you feedback on their favorite one and tell you which one they like the most.

Here are the rules:

  1. Every 20th of each month there will be a post here on Keeping Myself Busy announcing the opening of the month’s challenge.
  2. Post by the 28th of every month three pictures you took that month and tag your post with myfavphoto. Don’t forget to pingback (link) to the month’s post, or the event’s page.
  3. Post the link to your blog post to the comment section of the month’s post, so other bloggers can easily find it.
  4. Search the tag myfavphoto on your WordPress reader or read the comment section of the month’s post and find other people who have posted to the event.
  5. Give feedback by telling them which of the three was your favorite.
  6. With permission, on the last day of each month, I’ll share the three pictures from the bloggers participating that month that had the most likes.

Usually, by this time I have already chosen which ones are my personal favorite. To be honest… I’m still not sure. Also, I’m planning on a day out to shoot some pictures. With all this in mind, I’ll share them with you in a few days. Hope to see your pictures soon!


*This month’s featured image is my dear friend’s Liz Abreu.


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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Photo: March

  1. Ah shame, looks like I just missed March, never mind following you will remind me about April, great idea Camila, I love these challenges/events, so lovely to be able to share experiences… Hopefully join you in April…

    Liked by 1 person

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