I was trying to understand what bliss means to me and I realized that food plays a huge part in it for me. And what is better than barbecue? Well… Brazilian barbecue I mean.

brazilian barbecue
This is a small piece of what Brazilian bbq looks like in real life.

There are so many memories of family and friends gathered around a table waiting for the churrasqueiro [chu-HAS-kei-ro] (the man – usually the host – preparing the meat) to bring the picanha [pi-CA-ña] or whatever meat they had that day. It’s a fantastic feeling of family and friendship and great food. I figured almost a year ago (the day this picture was taken) how much I take this feeling for granted. My husband and I were so happy the first day we made churrasco here in the United States. We both felt a little more like this was our home.

Now every time we have a chance, we share this feeling of bliss we get when making the most delicious meat ever eaten – or at least, the best we can prepare. Just so you guys have an idea: one of our farewells from Florida, we had Brazilian and American bbq at a friends house. They had no idea what to expect and just couldn’t stop eating! Not to mention they one of them couldn’t stop saying how delicious it was. If you’ve ever had Brazilan bbq you know wat they were thinking. Now picture homemade Brazilian bbq. It’s much MUCH better!

This picture is day 4 of Photo 101 from WP’s Blogging U. The topic is bliss and we are supposed to better understand how to use captions with our photos.


12 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Waffles and bacon were my runner up choice for bliss. There’s something about starting a meal real hungry and ending it just a little too full and then just laying around for a nap. #firstworldproblems

    The picture came or well though. By cropping everything around the scene you really help us get that tunnel vision for the food.

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    1. Usually we don’t use anything besides rock salt. What makes it special is the way you prepare it. You use the whole piece of meat through a long metal skewer and leave it 45′- 1:30′ on the fire. It’s delicious!

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      1. Ah – maybe I have had something similar. I once visited a friend who was hosting a Brazilian man, and the Brazilian grilled up some steaks using rock salt. It was on a charcoal grill rather than over a flame pit, but still quite tasty.

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