Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive In Movie Theater

A couple of weeks ago, on my birthday, my husband decided to surprise me and took me to a drive-in movie theater. Yes! Just like in the movie Twister – without the tornado behind, of course. As far as I know, there are no drive-in theaters in Brazil,Β so this was one of those bucket list moments. We had heard that there is one here in Sacramento, but we hadn’t made plans to go there. I was very excited about it all. My love for cinema, action movies, and different experiences were combined in one that day. All I have to say is that my husband knows me well.

Drive-In Movie Theater

Fabio looked up all the necessary information beforehand. Among the address, schedule and prices, he also found out that it can get quite busy sometimes. So we planned to arrive an hour before the movie started. We chose to watch Deadpoll that day. Before driving to the drive-in theater, we stopped at the local supermarket and bought some candy, chips, and soda to eat in the car. We also brought a blanket, since the night was a bit chilly.

Drive-In Movie Theater

On our arrival, we realized that we had arrived too early for the movie, which was ok since we had no idea what would happen. The man who sold us the ticket told us which screen to watch the movie and what radio station to listen to – which was a huge surprise, since we had no idea how the sound would be heard on an open field. Since we arrived there quite early, we got ourselves a couple of hot dogs from the concession stand, which is also a gaming area. Soon we realized that there were 6 screens there. We had no idea how big that place was.

It was so fun to look around and see how comfortable everyone was. There was a gentleman that brought his dog along. Sometimes I envy people with dogs, I would never be able to take Blackie to the movies, even to a drive-in theater. There were many families with young children, which looked like the perfect idea. You get to go to the movies without having to worry if your kids are bothering other people or having to find a babysitter. What is more, is the fact that you get to watch a movie without disturbing other people, since I’m one of those who talks to the characters in the movie.

West Wind, the drive-in theater here in Sacramento, prouds itself in having high-quality digital images, which I can attest to. And even with our pretty basic sound system, we had quality sound too. Just one note: we completely forgot that leaving the radio on for 2 or so hours with the car turned off would eat up our old PT Cruiser’s battery. I know… how naΓ―ve are we… However, they had there a portable backup battery, which was enough to help us kick start the car. Apparently, we were the third car that needed assistance that night. So if you ever go to a drive-in theater, keep in mind how old your car battery is. We ended up missing the last 10 minutes of the movie. Oh well… better luck next time.

All in all, we had fun. I definitely recommend everyone to go to a drive-in movie theater. Not only it ended up being much cheaper than going to a regular theater, but it was also much more fun – even with the car battery disaster. I would suggest, though, that you take pillows with you. It was the only thing missing, to be honest.

I would love to know if you ever had the chance to go to a drive-in theater? Share your experience with me on the comment section bellow. Hope you are having a great day. See you all next time!



15 thoughts on “Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

  1. I LOVE drive-in movie theaters! We haven’t been to one lately, but there is one about 35 minutes from our house. They show a double feature, which is also nice so you get two for the price of one. I remember going to the drive-in as a kid every once in a while as well. Glad you got to go and experience one!

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  2. That sounds like an awesome evening! Your husband sounds sweet to plan it for your birthday πŸ™‚ I’ve never been to a drive-in movie but it’s definitely on my bucket list πŸ™‚

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  3. That is so cool! As kid and throughout teenage years even until now I always wanted to see what it’s like to go to a drive-in movie! I still have yet to experience it but it’s definitely on my bucket list with a large number of other things too.

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  4. So great to see photos of your drive-in movie date night! I would love to experience a drive-in theatre myself but never have. Imagine – six screens!! Are you supposed to keep your car on the whole time in order not to kill the battery?

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