My First Time Cat Sitting


Cat Sitting

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours asked if my husband and I could look after his cats while he was away for a philosophy conference. I instantly said yes! Not only I love cats, but also, I’ve got free time; so it just felt like the perfect idea. I’ve never cat sat before, but I figured that since I’m used to cats and I understand how they behave it would probably be a piece of cake. I cannot say the same if someone asked me to dog sit. I wouldn’t say no, of course, I would just need a lot more guidance. Speaking of guidance, my husband and I went to our friend’s house a couple of days before his trip, so he would show us where things were and what we should expect from his cats. This was very helpful. When dealing with pets it’s always good to learn from the person who spends the most time with them. Our friend showed us everything: from where everything was and to how his cats liked being held.

He has two cats, a Persian called Misso and a Persian-something mix called Zoe. Our friend has adopted both of them, which makes my heart smile. Rescuing animals is a huge passion of mine. But I’ll talk about that some other time. Back to cat sitting! Misso and Zoe are incredibly different from each other. Zoe has more of a cat-like behavior. Once she knows you and is ok with your presence, she’ll come closer and try to get the most out of you. In her case, she wanted to be brushed. I have never seen a cat like being brushed this much. Now, I’ve had cats ever since I remember, and Misso is not a cat. He’s teddy bear with a will of his own. He just loves you and loves being loved. So as soon as he saw that I wasn’t a threat he just enjoyed spending time near me, or on my lap. I have never seen a cat this loving in my entire life. I thought about kidnapping him a bunch of times, but I would never get away with it… Oh well.



All in all, cat sitting was fun; but let me share with you some of my tips if you ever need to cat sit, or perhaps if you’re encountering a cat you’ve just met:

  1. Let them come to you. Don’t go running after them. If you do, they won’t trust you.
  2. Once they come close, face the back of your hand and let them smell you. If you show the palm of your hand first, cats might think you are trying to attack them.
  3. Leave your hand close to them so they can show you how they like to be touched. Trust me, they’ll ask for love if they trust you and they know exactly how they like it.
  4. Do not pick them up, unless their human says they won’t mind. This actually happened in our home to one of our guests. She tried to pick Wilson, who is a more reserved cat. Long story short: she got scratched!
  5. Cats will always show you how they feel. There are many signs that you should pay attention to. A high tail tells you they are happy and excited. On the other hand, a low and energetic tail tells you they are irritated.



It’s hard to express how much I love cats, so spending a week with Zoe and Misso was like second nature. I actually miss them. Hopefully, next time our friend is out of town, he’ll ask us again.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever cat sat? How was that experience fo you? Also, do you have any tips for cat sitting or meeting new cats? I love learning new things about them. Please share your thought with me on the comment section bellow. See you all next time.

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17 thoughts on “My First Time Cat Sitting

  1. Pro tip: Even if your roommate says it’s OK to let the cat (who hates you) outside while she’s away… Don’t do it! You might spend a week looking for the cat, only for it to return when it’s hoomin comes home.

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    1. Ok… That’s a good tip. It felt as if you were speaking from experience. I don’t usually let my cats out. I’be had a bad experience with it, so my cats are indoor only. But I’ll remember to ask about letting the cats out next time.. Thanks 😉

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  2. I have never cat sat! I actually don’t really know anything about cats. But my mom cat sat once and she never will again, it was a disaster. She stayed at the cat owner’s house and the cat didn’t like the fact that my mom was sleeping there. So the cat attacked her in the night and she had to flee and lock herself in the bathroom!!! I can’t remember how she managed to get out. Now she can laugh at it but you can imagine how terrified she was when it happened…

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      1. Believe it or not, I’ve only ever cat sat for one cat (multiple times though). I hosted her at our house. She doesn’t like other cats, so we kept her in a bedroom the entire time (I felt bad and slept in the room each night). She is a very easy-going cat and likes people, so she was very easy to care for. Regarding my cats though, they hate it when we’re gone and make it a little difficult for our cat sitters. We had three different ones. Sophie hid in our closet the entire time last time and only ate about half her food. I’m pretty sure it was because she had never met him before. So I think having the cat sitter over before and having the cats get used to the new person would’ve been smart on our part! I also got a Feliway diffuser and plugged it in for the week to help calm them. No idea if it worked! 🙂

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  3. Feliway is supposed to calm kitties, or help if there are aggressive cats. It’s a pheromone. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. It also comes in wipes, so some people wipe their carriers with it if they have to take their cat to the vet.

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