My Favorite Photo Challenge: Preview

My Favorite Photo Challenge

One of my best friends and I started getting into photography more or less at the same time. She lives in my hometown in Brazil and… life happens, so we make a huge effort to not let life keep us apart. Recently we came up with an excuse to meet up (Skype I mean…) and the idea is to share our favorite photos with each other. This ended up being much more fun than what I had expected.

So… a couple of weeks ago I started talking about blogging with a friend and I realized I could share this experience of being able to share pictures and get feedback through my blog. So I decided to extend our photo challenge to the Blogging Community here at WordPress.

The idea is that you post to your own blog your three favorite pictures taken the last month and you’ll post them to your own blog with the tag myfavphoto. Once that’s done, the idea is that people should go to your blog and give you feedback and help you pick the best of the month. I, as the moderator, will keep track of all photos (I have the time to do that) and with everyone’s permission, I’ll post them together.

So… I still haven’t submitted the event because I’d like some feedback on this idea. I think it would be a great place to showcase our photography as well as bring more traffic to our blogs. So… all you photography bloggers out there, what do you think?

Just so you know… these were my three picks for last time we had our myfavpohoto moment.






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