Lately it’s been very cold and overcast here in Sacramento, so when I saw this week’s photo challenge I realized that I had to look back into my photo archive.

Contrary to what most people think, Vibrant to me is a feeling. It’s that special something that gets you exited about life. To describe what I mean by that I had to go back to my niece. She’s the most vibrant one could ever get. I’ve been missing her a lot lately.003_Zinga_bebecca_edited.jpg


6 thoughts on “Vibrant

  1. What a lovely photograph. You’re definitely right about “vibrant” being more of a feeling; and that’s exactly what I felt seeing your cute, little niece laughing away in the sunshine. Following because your bio says you love cats! 😉

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    1. Thanks 🙂 She is adorable. I do love cats! I’ve got 3 cats. Two that I brought from Brazil with me and the third is too heavy so I couldn’t bring him. I saw you are a cat lover too! 🙂

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      1. Aw, it must have been tough leaving him behind. I’m glad the other two were able to travel and have an adventure.
        And yup! Curie is my first cat (I’ve wanted one since I way a little child though!), and such a delight. Cats are such wonderful and affectionate creatures. I’m contemplating adopting another kitten in the summer, when I’m free from uni a bit.
        Thanks for the likes and follow; I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts as well!

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