My Camera Bag – Sown by Hand

handmade camera bag

About a year ago, I decided I would make my computer a sleeve. That led to other sewing projects, which gave me the confidence to sew my own camera bag. I, with some help, came up with how to tackle the project. It took me about four months to sew it by hand and take it outside to show off my work. Unfortunately, the strap didn’t quite make it. So I put it back in the closet and forgot it there.

Today, I was thinking about what to post and I realized I didn’t have anything to post about. It’s hard to find stuff to do when you have too much free time. That’s when I remembered I had an awesome camera bag that needed some finishing. So I took the unfinished camera bag and the fabrics I had been using from my closet, I put my brains to work and figured out how to would be the best way to approach the new strap to my bag. I’m not going to go much into details because I still haven’t finished it.

People think that to sew stuff you need a sewing machine – and I bet that it would make things much more easily, but I don’t have a sewing machine and I didn’t let that stop me. I kept seeing a ton of stuff on Pinterest and I figured why not start. Honestly, I bet you can do pretty much anything by hand that you would do in a sewing machine, it would just take a little more time to do it. Recently I saw on Apartment Therapy 6 basic sewing stitches. I knew only two of them beforehand and I managed to sew a purse, the sky is the limit to my sewing projects now!

Thanks again for reading. Writing here really helps me keep myself busy. You might have as much free time as I do, but I’d love to know what keeps you busy. Share it with me on the comment section bellow.

On another note, from next week on, the blogs schedule will change from Wednesday/Friday to Tuesday/Thursday. See you next Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “My Camera Bag – Sown by Hand

  1. If you came here curious about the cat in the pictures. That’s Blackie! She’s 3 years-old and was adopted from a shelter in Sao Paulo, BR.


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