A Weekend in Saint Augustine, FL

A weekend in saint augustineBefore living in Sacramento, I lived in Gainesville, FL. This is a college town in North-Central Florida. It’s known for the Florida Gators: their college teams and the actual gators that live in the area. But I’m not here to talk about Gainesville – not yet, at least – but of a nearby town called Saint Augustine.

It is known to be the oldest city in the United States, and personally, one of the most charming cities I have been. My husband and I placed it in our list of cities to retire. But if you ever get to visit North-Central Florida, you should definitely spend a day or two there.

Day 1

  • Walk around the historic center: Once you arrive there, it’ll be easy to see why I like it there so much. There’s a look to the city that is so charming. The closer you get to the promenade the more in love you’ll be. Not to mention the Spanish architecture in the older buildings, like the town hall or Flagler College. It is said that Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested there, so you can see the house where he stayed and many meaningful places to this part of the American History.


  • Trolley tours: If you’re not that into walking around, you can easily hop on a selection of trolley tours. From the more traditional ones to haunted tours, I promise you’ll find one that will fit your taste. *Both links are suggestions of tours if you are interested.
  • Shopping: If you’re like my cousin, and LOVE finding good deals, or maybe perhaps you’d rather spend time looking fro unique antiques, St. Augustine has it all. From outlets to mom and pop shops, antique stores to souvenirs. On the town’s website, you have a large description of everything you need.
  • Check out the history: This town was founded in 1565, can you imagine the history! You have Flagler College, which at one point in time was a hotel and now a college, you also have the Castillo de San Marcos, now is a museum, it used to be a strategic point in defending the area.


Day 2

  • Alligator Farm: It doesn’t matter if you’re into gators or not. It’s the best place to learn more about these fascinating animals. Hundreds of gators and different species of reptiles. This is such an exciting place to go, especially if you have kids. On a side note: This park was featured on a Mythbusters episode.


  • Relax at the beach:  The coast of Florida is privileged in having some of the most beautiful beaches. The ones in St. Augustine are true to this stereotype. There are three main beaches in the area Vilano Beach, Anastasia Park and St. Augustine Beach. It doesn’t matter which one you’ll choose, I promise you’ll have a good time. Just keep in mind that this area can get quite windy in the winter.
  • Have a great meal before you leave:  St. Augustine is now mainly a tourist spot; therefore, you should expect great meals. Your expectations will probably be met there. From NY style pizzas to international cuisine, you’ll find it all. Most restaurants you’ll find on St. George Street, or the nearby area. Now… I know it’s cheesy, but one of my favorites is this American Dinner with awesome breakfast food and a huge selection of pies called Village Inn.


All in all, St. Augustine was our weekend off favorite location. We’d sometimes spend the whole weekend there, others just a day. But no matter how much time we spent there, we were always planning our next trip to the oldest city in the United States.

Thanks again for spending your time here with me. I love going to new places. Where would you recommend a weekend away? Tell me about it in the comment section bellow. Hope you have a great one!



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