The Best Moments of 2015


The beginning of a new year, for most people, is a time for reflexion. Unlike my husband, I take the time to think about life in the previous year and count the blessings God has given me.

2015 was a year which I had absolutely no expectations. I had just spent the previous six months in a foreign country with absolutely nothing to do. I started the year off with countless moments of me feeling sorry for myself. But by God’s grace towards me, that feeling disappeared and I had an amazing year. I’d like to share them with you if you don’t mind.

2015 and teaching…

You might not know yet, but I am a teacher. I have a love and hate relation with the profession. I hate how much I love teaching and how badly we get paid – among other things. I had to stop teaching (if you like, you can read my profile to know why) and it was killing me. Through some contacts at the church we were going to in Gainesville, I got in touch with the Chinese visiting scholar community at UF and started teaching English to their children. This proved to be more challenging, but at the same time so gratifying. It was a tremendous time and opportunity to be able to learn more about their culture and to be able to make an impact in their lives. Good or bad, I know these kids won’t forget me that easily. As I will never forget them.

2015 and family and friends…

One of the things that makes living in the U.S. hard for me is being away from my family and friends. I don’t have many friends, but the few I have are the best ever. They are the people that call me on the carpet when I need it. I was so blessed by being able to go to Brazil not only once, but twice this last year. I got see almost everyone! I was able to share, laugh and cry with them. Not only that, I had one of my best friends over in Florida and share a little of my life there. Those were precious moments for me. Going to Brazil twice gave me the opportunity to be a lot with my family. I was able to spend a lot of time with my niece, my little cousin’s wedding, barbeques with my family, and so many more special moments that I cherish deeply. And again, I had family over! Not only in Florida but here in California too. Can’t find words to express how much I needed the time I spent with them.

But one thing that I realized was that I wasn’t alone in America as I thought I was. I had such amazing friends in Gainesville! People that I instantly connected. I got to spend real quality time with people who I now aim to be more like them (*I miss Gainesville, btw).

2015 and moving to California…

This year we faced a huge decision. My husband had applied to many Ph.D. programs, and we needed to choose not only where would be the best place for him to study, but for us to live. Long story short, we moved to Sacramento. The whole process of getting settled is still in progress and I’ll share it with you in another appropriate moment. What was really memorable about it was the road trip. We drove almost 3.000 miles to get here. We were able to see the most amazing views ever. It made both my husband and I aprreciate more the opportunity we were given to live here in the U.S.. Some other time I’ll tell you more about it.

2015 and being married…

In August, we celebrated our first year as a married couple. And I can tell you that it was not the easiest time for Fabio. He, however, has been the most amazing and patient husband ever. Each day makes me even more glad that I madde this decision of coming here to be his aid during this stage of his life.

All in all, 2015 was a great year. I think that the least expect of something, the more possibilities to be surprised there will be. I not saying that 2015 was only full of great things, but why should I focus on the bad, right?

What was your favorite momento of 2015? Or at least one that stood out from the rest? I’d love to hear it from you. Please share it with me on the comment section bellow. I’ll see you in 2016!


5 thoughts on “The Best Moments of 2015

  1. Hi!
    Let me just say..i loved your year…all the blogs here are truly giving me …i dont know how to define it..something bright and happy..

    My best moment of 2015..???am not sure if it can be count as a moment but here it goes:i was watching some sitcom around july or so and one of the characters said -”happiness is a choice”..i couldnt shake those words off my mind..

    Believe it or not my life i knew it… started changing after that.

    I rebooted everything :my academics,my married life,my relationships,..i started becoming the person i had long left behind AND missed deeply

    FYI:…am still a work in progress

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    1. Wow! This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing it with me. I’m kind of lost for words thinking about how one simple thought can change how you see the world.
      I myself am also trying to choose happiness. Was actually talking about that with a friend about this this morning. 😉
      It’s always good to know that I’m not the only work in progress here.

      Liked by 1 person

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